Sayu, info and release date on Genshin Impact

Sayu, info and release date on Genshin Impact

Officially unveiled during the patch 2.0 livestream, Sayu is the next character scheduled for release in the second banner of the patch. This child from Inazuma shares the banner of Sayu, in addition to inviting herself into the permanent Vows. Lead the girl into battle to defend the honor of the secret organization Shuumatsuban.

English voice: Lilypichu (Lily Ki)

Japanese voice: Aya suzaki

All about Sayu and its gameplay

If her greatest desire is to sleep to her satisfaction, Sayu is nonetheless a very efficient ninja. A disciple of the secret organization Shuumatsuban, she is an expert in the ninja art of flight, camouflage and transformation. Although she mainly uses it to escape her homework and take a nap, it would be unwise not to be wary of the young woman. Anyone who dared to underestimate her paid a heavy price.

Sayu's art could never have been perfected without the mastery of his Anemo Divine Eye. She is thus able to wrap herself in a ball to rush towards an enemy, before dealing him a fatal kick with her Yoohoo School: Fuuin Race. But she can also call upon an invocation that hurts her opponents and heals her allies thanks to her Yoohoo School: Mujina Flurry. These skills coupled with her mastery of claymores make her very dangerous in combat.

Sayu, Banner and release date

Sayu is available from August 10 at the end of the afternoon. Its banner is that of Yoimiya, the Drapery of golden sparkles, and features Xinyan and Diona as additional characters.

Sayu, info and release date on Genshin Impact

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Sayu, info and release date on Genshin Impact
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