Free FF14 during the summer for returning players

Free FF14 during the summer for returning players

As the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is coming soon, Square Enix is ​​offering a new comeback program for old players. With a new free login campaign planned to last all summer, immerse yourself in the universe of Eorzea for the rest of your adventures. But also enjoy a completely free FF14 for two weeks.

FF14 free, how to enjoy it?

This free connection campaign aims to bring former players back to the game. The 14 days of free play are therefore reserved for them, provided they do not have an active subscription. If an account is eligible for the offer, then all they have to do is launch the game to take advantage of it. From his first connection, the player then only has two weeks to optimize his free play time on FF14.

  • Conditions of eligibility* -
    1. Have an account with a registered retail version of FF14
    2. Not having an active subscription on their account
    3. Not having subscribed for at least 30 days

*Visit the Mog Station to check your account status.

Campaign dates and duration

From Friday, July 9 at 10 a.m. until Monday, August 00 at 23:16 p.m., all eligible players logging into the game can take advantage of the offer. Beyond this period, it will no longer be possible to activate this free play time or to take advantage of it. The 59 days of play are counted at the same time, at 14 a.m. every day. It is therefore better to embark on the adventure early in the morning so as not to spoil the first day.

  • Start of the offer – Friday, July 9, 10 a.m.
  • End of offer – Monday, August 23, 16:59 a.m.
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