Genshin Impact: Patch 2.5, When the Sakura Blossoms

Genshin Impact: Patch 2.5, When the Sakura Blossoms

Genshin Impact patch 2.5 is just around the corner, and its live presentation has already taken place. Lots of new things await the Traveler in Inazuma, but also a new character. The history of the archipelago will continue to unfold in this update, while events will come to punctuate. As always, maintenance is planned while installing the patch on the servers.

Patch 2.5 release date

Genshin Impact's next patch is scheduled for February 16. The servers will be shut down the Tuesday before the update. This maintenance will introduce all the new features of the patch. The minimum compensation of 300 Primogems is always in order.

  • Patch 2.5 release date – Wednesday, February 16, 4:00 a.m.

To learn more

These are 3 banners that will be highlighted during patch 2.5. The first, present for the first 3 weeks of the update, highlights the new character: Yae Miko. The other two mark the return of the Shogun Raiden and Kokomi.

  • Battle Pass –
    • New Update, New Battle Pass, More Rewards
  • Yae Miko – 5 stars
    • Wield the Catalyst
    • Controls the Electro element

Changes and novelties to expect

The Traveler continues his quest on the Inazuma Archipelago, pushing him to unearth new secrets of the region. At the same time, he seeks to help the possessors of Divine Eye by fighting the Shogun Raiden regime. But other enemies come to block his path, forcing him to fight various enemies at once.


  • enkanomiya
    • New plot
    • new area
    • New enemies
    • New Weekly Boss:
      • Narukami no Mikoto la destructrice


  • New Weapon –
    • Truth of Kagura - Catalyst, 5 Stars
    • Eye of Swearing – Catalyst, 4 Stars
      • Offered for "Three Kingdoms Entrance Offering


  • Three Kingdoms Entrance Offering –
    • Major event
    • Grants "Eye of Oath"
  • Divine ingenuity –
    • parkour event
    • Allows you to obtain Primogems
  • A sip of a drunken dream –
    • new event
    • The Traveler becomes a bartender while helping his friends
  • Hyakunin Ikki –
    • Battle Event
    • Allows you to obtain Primogems
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