Genshin Impact: Triple Coronation – Wind Martial Legend

Genshin Impact: Triple Coronation – Wind Martial Legend

Face different opponents in a dungeon designed especially for duels of this kind. With the Wind Martial Legend, various creatures challenge players to a series of deathmatches. The Triple Crowning is the last challenge offered, featuring the 3 bosses faced previously. If it offers a rather full-bodied challenge, it remains however affordable enough to score a lot of points.

The specifics of the fight

Do not panic, there is no question of facing all opponents at the same time. It is with a much longer timer that you have to chain these monsters, always in the same order. Thus, the Oceanid is the first opponent to face, followed by the Ancient Geosaurus. The Oni Blades arrive last to conclude the challenge. None of them benefit from an additional or new technique during this confrontation.

Some characters have an advantage in the fight against the dragon. They thus benefit from a 20% bonus to the damage inflicted, without penalty. These are the preferred characters for the challenge, but are not essential. We find among them:

  • kazuha
  • Klee
  • Sucrose
  • Razor

Triple coronation

In order to maximize your points obtained in this first encounter, you will have to use modifiers and the level of difficulty. A level 80 team is enough to jump straight into the maximum difficulty. For the following bonuses, avoiding damage nerfs is the only thing to do. Other modifiers can be adjusted as needed to get the points needed.

Example of modifications chosen for a fight offering 4 points
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