Live stream Genshin Impact patch 2.7, 20 mai

Live stream Genshin Impact patch 2.7, 20 mai

A new live stream is about to start, this time dedicated to Genshin Impact patch 2.7, which has been pushed back. We will discover the trailer for the next update, but also its events, characters and novelties. If we don't yet know what to expect, Yelan and Kuki Shinobu will be detailed there. But we can also expect new areas.

Summary of the live stream

  • After a light summary of the novelties already announced, place to the trailer
  • An ancient mechanism seems to have awakened, discovering several versions of the same place
  • First redemption code: LANVJSFUD6CM
  • At the launch of 2.7, 2 banners will be available: one for Yelan, and the other for Xiao. Arataki Itto will be present for the second part of the patch. Kuki Shinobu will be entitled to an increased rate in these 3 banners.
  • Yelan is a character wielding a bow, with a Hydro Divine Eye. She is able to move quickly in the shadows by binding enemies together, and throwing a die that will strengthen her attacks
  • Kuki Shinobu wields a one-handed sword, using his assassin training and Electro Divine Eye to dispose of his opponents
  • Second redemption code: DTNUKTWCC6D9
  • The story continues to move forward, and things seem to be picking up speed in this update.
  • But version 2.7 is above all new events, so the Perilous Trail, taking place in several phases. The first is a series of fights in a large arena, where various bonuses can help them. A bow is offered at the end of the event
  • A Muddy Bizarre Adventure has nothing to do with Jojo, but asks the Traveler to investigate specific locations. After that, he will have to defeat all the enemies present to defend the point of interest
  • The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival allows the traveler to join the Arataki clan and unlock a drum, a new musical instrument to master
  • But playing music is not the only thing possible during this festival. It is now possible for Travelers to create their own track to share with others to challenge them
  • Core of the Apparatus makes full use of the Serenitheater, providing special furnaces for the Traveler to create materials
  • The game now includes recommendations for increasing each character's talents and their artifacts, based on player data
  • A new collaboration is starting soon for Genshin Impact, this time with Funko to distribute figurines like Paimon, Lumine and Aether
  • Last redemption code: HSNUKTXCCPWV

What can we expect from Genshin Impact patch 2.7?

A short trailer presenting the narrative focus of the patch will obviously be present. It will introduce the two new characters, Kuki Shinobu and Yelan. The latter will be entitled to a section devoted to their skills and their history. The various events of the update will also be presented quickly. One of them should prepare for the arrival of summer, before the arrival of patch 2.8 and the big dedicated event.

But we can also expect some improvements in certain aspects of the game, and in particular concerning the Serenitheater. New elements could thus be added. It would also be an opportunity to review the operation of certain events, by establishing new rules.

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