Which Vows should be favored for Genshin Impact summons?

Which Vows should be favored for Genshin Impact summons?

Even if it is above all an Action-RPG with a rich universe, Genshin Impact is above all a gacha. For this reason, the game has a character summoning system, which also allows you to obtain equipment. These Wishes must be saved as much as possible to put the odds on his side in Genshin Impact.

If the first hours of play allow you to make four to five invocations easily, the stones of destiny et Fatality are difficult to recover. These are very scarce resources and distributed in limited quantities. Unless you go through the store of course.

Stone of Destiny, Wishes to make

Destiny Stones grant generic Wishes in Genshin Impact. They don't feature any particularly enticing gear, or even a popular character. There are currently two such Wishes to be fulfilled. Beginner's Wishes, costing 2 stone less than the other for as many rewards.

The latter is interesting because it lets get Noelle for sure the first time. Even though the character is quite weak overall, it's still powerful enough to justify using 8 Destiny Stones in it. The second invocation is obviously to be made for the economy. So, once the two Beginner's Wishes have been made, only the Permanent Vows remain.

It is currently the only banner that allows summoning with Destiny Stones. It remains interesting overall, allowing you to obtain equipment and characters. But if you already have all the characters then it is better to wait for a future Vows.

Stone of Fatality, how to use them?

These stones are even more difficult to obtain than the previous ones. And for good reason, they allow you to use Event Wishes from Genshin Impact. These summons are currently separated into two categories: the weapon event and the character event. The priority does not arise here, the character event is always to be preferred when starting out.

Which Vows should be favored for Genshin Impact summons?

The next event are the Farewell to the North. In particular, they highlight Tartaglia, a very versatile Hydro DPS. So it's a good banner to aim for for players lacking strong DPS in their lineup. But we also find Beidou and Ningguang, two other DPS a little more particular but also strong. Diona is also present, an excellent support for the Cryo teams.

To sum up, it is better to save Doom Stones while waiting for an event banner that greatly helps the team being played. Beginner's Vows are to be taken as soon as possible, before continuing with permanent Vows to complete the collection of characters.

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Which Vows should be favored for Genshin Impact summons?
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