How to link your PSN account and MiHoYo Pass on Genshin Impact

How to link your PSN account and MiHoYo Pass on Genshin Impact

If it was already possible to take advantage of the same MiHoYo account on PC and phone to keep your progress, the PlayStation could not. But with the arrival of version 2.0 of Genshin Impact, it is now possible to link your PSN to the MiHoYo Pass. No need to start a new game on another device, take full advantage of cross progression.

How to link your PSN to Genshin Impact

To be able to link your PlayStation Network account to the MiHoYo Pass, you must meet certain conditions beforehand. A player who has never launched the game on his console can create a MiHoYo account with a unique email address, or, if he already plays on other media, use this same address to connect to PlayStation. However, if the game has already been launched on the Sony machine, synchronization may be more complicated.

If the player has the same email address on PSN as for his MiHoYo Pass, it is impossible to synchronize the accounts. Two choices are then available to players: associate the email address of an existing MiHoYo Pass with the PSN or associate the email address of a PSN account with the MiHoYo Pass. Obviously, synchronization is also impossible between two accounts registered in different servers.

  • Lier son Pass MiHoYo au PSN
    • Running Genshin Impact on PlayStation for the first time
    • Link accounts by following the procedure when the User Agreement window appears
      • Please note: Closing the popup prematurely automatically creates a MiHoYo Pass on the PSN account
  • Lier son PSN au Pass MiHoYo
    • Launch Genshin Impact on console
    • Go to Settings > Account > Support Center > Linked Accounts
    • Link the PSN account to an unused email to create the MiHoYo Pass

Why link your accounts?

In addition to cross progression, linking your PSN to your Genshin Impact account allows you to obtain exclusive rewards. This is a way for players who do not have access to PlayStation promotional rewards to obtain them. If the weapon can be used on all platforms, the glider is disabled when the player is not on their console. But for those already evolving on this platform, it is the multiplayer mode that flourishes with this change.

It is now possible for PlayStation, PC and smartphone players to find themselves in the same game. Different options are also added to allow better sorting, offering the possibility to only see, join and be joined by players from the same platform. The friends list is also growing, with the addition of PSN friends. The opportunity to visit the Sérénithéières of each and frolic together in the regions of Teyvat.

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