Shogun Raiden, info and release date on Genshin Impact

Shogun Raiden, info and release date on Genshin Impact

Officially unveiled during the livestream on patch 2.1, the Shogun Raiden is the next major character in Genshin Impact. Ruling Inazuma with an iron fist, the Electro Archon is the headliner of the patch's first banner. She is accompanied by her faithful general: Kujou Sara. Harness the lightning alongside His Excellency and bring about the promised unchanging eternity.

English voice: Anne Yatco

Japanese voice: Miyuki Sawashiro

All about the Archon Electro and its gameplay

Narukami Ogosho, also known as Shogun Raiden, is the Electro Archon ruling the Inazuma Archipelago. Having promised unchanging eternity to his people, his Excellency ended up mysteriously punishing the possessors of Divine Eye. In order not to compromise her promise, and to offer the best for her family, she does not hesitate to take action. The eternal euthymia it aims for will leave landscapes, customs and beliefs intact for countless generations.

But under her air of a warrior leader, the Electro Archon is above all an unwavering support for her allies. Strengthening the assaults of his team members with his Transcendence: Doom Omen, no opponent can undo his fury. But she also uses your tachi to deliver a killing blow to her opponent while ensuring an influx of elemental energy to her allies with her Secret Art: Dogma of Ideal.

Shogun Raiden, Banner and release date

The full banner of the Shogun Raiden is not yet known, but it comes with Kujou Sara. It will be available from September 1 at the end of maintenance until September 21 at the end of the afternoon.

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Shogun Raiden, info and release date on Genshin Impact
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