Cyno, info and release date on Genshin Impact

Cyno, info and release date on Genshin Impact

While patch 3.1 is about to arrive with its summer festivities, the characters of the next version are revealed a little more. We go a little deeper into Sumeru, and this time leaning on the desert. And who better to venture into it than Cyno, Genshin Impact's general mahamatra.

All about Cyno in Genshin Impact

Cyno is a very strict man when it comes to rules. This is partly due to his function, supervising the researchers of the Academy. He made order and justice reign there, not hesitating to condemn those who committed offences. It is said of him that when he goes to work, he is even more effective than the great vayuvyastra made by the Kshahrewar.

Equipped with a polearm in combat, Cyno does not hesitate to take advantage of his Electro Divine Eye to impose the law. Thanks to him, he can carry out a rapid assault with his Rite: Abyssal Traverse in order to damage the enemies it passes through. Moreover, when he is under the effect of his Liturgy: Lupine Swiftness, using his rite damages enemies in the area and extends the duration of his Feather Judgment.

Banner and character release date

Cyno is slated for Genshin Impact's next patch, version 3.1 which expands the Sumeru region. He is the first headliner of the update and co-stars with Venti. His banner also features Candace, another character added in this update.

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Cyno, info and release date on Genshin Impact
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