Genshin Impact, tips and tricks for a good start

Genshin Impact, tips and tricks for a good start

Highly anticipated since its announcement, miHoYo's gacha Action-RPG has finally arrived. Overflowing with activities, treasures and information, Getting started in Genshin Impact can be complicated. To help you see more clearly, but above all to know what to prioritize in your adventure, we have compiled some tips and tricks.

Adventure levels, exploration and elements

It is important to know that in Genshin Impact not all features are available until certain adventure levels. These are obtained through quests, opening chests, exploration, or everything that makes up this world. Getting started on Genshin Impact therefore goes through a rush of these levels in order to have access to certain features quickly. The most important being the daily missions, so it's which adventure level 12 to aim for in priority.

Genshin Impact, tips and tricks for a good start

But these are not the only levels to climb. In order not to let yourself be overtaken by your opponents, you must also think about raising the level of your characters. Aiming for a character of each element can be beneficial in the early game. But weapons and artifacts can also be upgraded. They are very important and should not be overlooked.

Fights and teams

For your explorations, dungeons and all activities you must choose the characters who accompany you. Each of them has its importance, since his element will allow to carry out certain actions. Thus the different elements of the game are to be known, whether for the fights or not, in order to better prepare your team. Amber is notably a great character for exploration, mixing long distance and Pyro.

But the switch is also a central element of the gameplay in combat. This allows you to switch between characters within your team limit of 4 different characters. You will then be able to create elemental reactions to do more damage, but also take advantage of what the world offers to your advantage. When you want to switch characters to use his elemental unleash, hold OTHER (on PC) by switching to launch the skill directly.

Summons and Economy

Summons, called Wishes, are the basis of your team creation and are unlocked from adventure level 5. They allow you to obtain characters, but also weapons. In addition to having to choose between different banners, you must also never do a single summon. These must be done in groups of 10, in order toensure you get a 4-star weapon or character (at least) during the Vow. You can learn more about it on our dedicated page.

Genshin Impact, tips and tricks for a good start

But when a character arrives in duplicate or more, it is then transformed into Asteries and Asterions according to its level. These currencies are particularly useful since they can be exchanged in shops for other lots. It is then necessary to use the Asterions for the stones of invocations, 5 of each are available each month. The Asteria must be kept to make the guaranteed invocations, which allow you to obtain a character.

Small tricks on Genshin Impact

Obviously the game is full of mechanics, whether hidden or not. We can thus note the importance of character choice when creating an item in cooking or alchemy. If it is the Traveler who is designated, it is possible to change character on the creation menu in order to take advantage of different bonuses. Xiangling, for example, benefits from a bonus offering him a chance to create twice a dish reinforcing the attack. So always be careful to optimize your resources.

Genshin Impact, tips and tricks for a good start

During your main quests and explorations you will come across star-shaped symbols many times on the mini map. This indicates the location of an Anemoculus or Geoculus, essential resources. Whatever you do then, pause it to get that shard back.

Also consider that hovering costs stamina. Using a jump attack (attack while in the air) drastically reduces the damage taken. By the way, pointing the camera down while hovering uses less energy. The jump attack can also be used to farm ores without the need for claymore.

The fairy receptacles indicate the position of the latter. Use the elemental vision next to it to see which direction the fairy is facing.

Primordial Resin is a resource that recharges one unit every 8 minutes. It is vital for many farming events, so it is important to optimize it. So remember to use it as soon as possible to never spoil it.

So much for the info, tips, guides and tricks to get started in Genshin Impact. This will allow you to better understand the game and tackle it with all the necessary knowledge.

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Genshin Impact, tips and tricks for a good start
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