Obtain Mondstadt Reputation Rewards

Obtain Mondstadt Reputation Rewards

Genshin Impact's reputation system introduced in patch 1.1 has brought new rewards to Mondstadt. This city now has its own bulletin board with many and varied rewards. But to get them you have to start by building your reputation in town. This is mostly done through questing and exploring the area.

How to increase your reputation in Mondstadt?

To increase its reputation there is not much solution. Starting by following the main and secondary quests allows you to progress a lot in the first levels. But this is not enough, and then you have to complete with bonuses and requests. These weekly missions are shared between each city, preventing to do more than 3 of each per week. It is therefore better to focus on a single city, until you unlock all the desired recipes.

Collect Mondstadt Rewards

To collect your reputation rewards in this city, you must first go to the board and Hertha, the logistics manager. The latter is located north of the city and is visible on the map via the triangle which indicates its position.

Obtain Mondstadt Reputation Rewards

These rewards depend on your level of reputation with the city. The plans and instructions are to be learned from the tab Precious objects of your inventory.

  • Level 1 -
    • Recipe: Northern Apple Stew
  • Level 2 -
    • Instructions: Anemoculus Resonance Stone
  • Level 3 -
    • Blueprint: Windcatcher Vial
  • Level 4 -
    • Recipe: Adventurer's Sandwich
    • Celebrity Theme
  • Level 5 -
    • Plan : Poche nutritive V30
  • Level 6 -
    • Blueprint: Anemo Treasure Detector
    • Instructions: Pocket Teleporter
  • Level 7 -
    • Recipe: Moon Pie
    • Theme Wishes
  • Level 8 -
    • wings of the firmament

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Obtain Mondstadt Reputation Rewards
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