Get Free Legendary Artifact in Genshin Impact

Get Free Legendary Artifact in Genshin Impact

Near the Pente Cuijue are 9 broken columns. These have a hidden mechanism to break the seal holding the door to the valley closed. This new Genshin Impact secret allows you toget a legendary artifact for free : the Flower of the Nobleman. But to unlock this, you must first level up the Statue of the Seven to the maximum level.

Statue of the Seven and Pillars

As you will have understood, the first step in this puzzle consists of raising the Geo statue to the maximum level, and therefore collect all the Geoculus. With each level taken by the Statue of the Seven you obtain several rewards including a stone of memories. It is thanks to her that the seal will be able to break, but you need one per pillar. Once this first step is completed, all you have to do is go to the Pente Cuijue.

The 9 pillars enclose the area on itself, and are easily visible from afar with their orange glow. To reactivate them you have to climb on each of them, find the carved face and embed the stone in it. This will have the effect of ejecting you from the pillar, attracting enemies and unlocking a chest.

Get Free Legendary Artifact in Genshin Impact

When the 9 pillars are thus activated, the door in the center of the Pente Cuijue opens.

Ancient Crypt, Guardians, and Combat

By entering the crypt you will quickly understand that a fight awaits you. At the bottom of the stairs is an idle Ruin Guardian in a room of outsized proportions. These are three waves of monsters that you will have to face, and the challenge is colossal. Bring a friend along on this adventure, or get ready with dishes that increase your resistance and your damage.

Each of these fights is very difficult because of the Mutation Stones. The latter appear during the confrontation and strengthen the enemies present in addition to making them invulnerable. It is therefore necessary to find them quickly to be able to destroy them without the fight dragging on too much.

  • First wave – Guardian of the Ruins
  • Second wave – Young Geo Dragolezard x2 (activation at 50% health)
  • Third wave – Ruin Hunter (activate on cast, at 50% and 75% health)

When you have defeated these three waves, the back door opens, revealing two chests as well as the coveted treasure. Floating on a pedestal, the legendary Noble's Flower waiting for you. Here you are in possession of a legendary artifact relatively easy to obtain in Genshin Impact.

Get Free Legendary Artifact in Genshin Impact

But you also win an old trinket that you can get a very good prize. Taking it to Bolai in Liyue gives you 180 Mora and 000 Adept Catcher, while Linlang takes it back from you for 5 Mora.

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Get Free Legendary Artifact in Genshin Impact
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