Lost Riches, Genshin Impact event guide

Lost Riches, Genshin Impact event guide

A new event comes into play just before Ganyu's arrival in the Vows. The latter will allow you to start looking for forgotten treasures and their loot. THE Lost riches are initiated by the presence of a special fairy and promise you many rewards commensurate with your involvement.

Lost Riches, Genshin Impact event guide

Lost Riches Event Dates

The event lasts 10 days, from Friday 6 au Monday, January 16. Certain conditions must be met to participate, however. You have to start by completing the Archon quest "Ritou's Escape Plan" and be at adventure level 30 at least. A special shop is also appearing, open a little longer than the event.

  • Start of the event – Friday, August 6, 11 a.m.
  • End of event – Monday, August 16, 4:59 a.m.
  • Closing of the shop – Friday, August 20, 4 a.m.
  • Be adventure level 30
  • Completed the quest "Ritou's Escape Plan"

Course of the event

To participate in the event you must first find the treasure hunter Ulman. The latter offers you a notebook in which there are many clues concerning treasure locations. Every day 2 new areas are added to the list, for a total of 14 zones à piller during the 10 days of the event. A unique treasure is hidden at the end of this journey.

To help you find the exact location of each treasure, you are accompanied by a fairy. The latter sees its glow increase as you approach the loot. Always keep an eye on her so you don't miss the location. Each unearthed treasure allows you to obtain sapeques, a unique currency to be spent in the event shop against various gifts.

Lost Riches, Genshin Impact event guide

The shop consists of Mora, Hero's Lessons, Mystical Crystals, and Primogems. But it is the Mini-fairies who want to be the main attraction of this event. You can get one of each, allowing you to get memories of Lost riches the Mini-fairy Commeline, Rosée or Turmeric. Be careful though, only one fairy is to be unlocked during the event.

Lost Riches, Genshin Impact event guide
Commeline mini-fairy
Lost Riches, Genshin Impact event guide
Mini Dew Fairy
Lost Riches, Genshin Impact event guide
Curcuma mini-fairies

Lost Riches Pass Quests and Missions

Only one mission is given for the battle pass, and asks to complete each area. It is therefore after 7 days and 14 searched areas that the monthly quest is validated for the pass.

  • Complete Area 14 during the "Lost Riches" challenge

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Lost Riches, Genshin Impact event guide
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