Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide

Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide

A new event is coming to the game to offer new challenges to complete. The latter will allow you to measure yourself against the Elementary Hypostases in a dungeon with unique features. There Symphony Hypostasis is the perfect time to test the power of your compositions and hope to win surprising prizes.

Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide

Symphony Hypostasis Event Dates

The event lasts 15 days, from Saturday 16 au Sunday 31 January. Certain conditions must be met to participate, however. You must be at adventure level 20 at least. A new challenge is unlocked every day until day seven, when all challenges are available.

  • Start of the event – Saturday January 16 10:00 a.m.
  • End of event – Sunday January 31 3:59
  • Be adventure level 20

pierre sonate

If the principle of the pillars does not change, it becomes a priority to destroy them. All the pillars on which the Hypostasis is not found resonate with it, projecting many crystals towards you regularly. It is therefore necessary to get rid of it quickly in order to be able to deal serenely with the Hypostasis and its symphony. However, once the pillars are destroyed, it's the golden tide who takes over. Its damage is unavoidable and you have to destroy the crystals that have appeared around the room to stop it.

Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide

stormy intermezzo

Few changes from its namesake who roams the Teyvat regions here. However, this Hypostasis Anemo gains a unique ability: the storm moth. To avoid its damage, you have to stick to the edges of the room. But it is also possible to stop it prematurely with a sting attack, achievable thanks to the updrafts released by the seeds released throughout the fight.

Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide

Electric Concerto

Unlike the Electro Hypostasis that roams in Teyvat, this one benefits from unique amethyst prisms. Each prism is activated by the slightest Electro damage. They deal damage in that element when activated, and can only be extinguished with an elemental reaction. Avoid Electro characters during this challenge. In addition, the whole team has their health and elemental energy restored to the maximum at the start of the trial.

Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide

Symphony Hypostasis Event Schedule

To participate in the event, you must first go to the dungeon opened especially for the occasion. In the latter you can choose different challenges, with a more or less full-bodied difficulty. The goal is to overcome the 7 challenges offered by making the highest possible score. Different levels exist on these scores in order to obtain unique rewards. And to achieve scoring a lot of points, variations invite themselves.

In addition to choosing the difficulty of the challenge from 4, many variations can be added to spice up the fight and increase the number of points scored. These modifiers can strengthen the Hypostasis, but also affect the countdown. All of this adds up to a score multiplier that allows you to take on real challenges with your team.

Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide

In addition, some characters gain a bonus when facing Hypostases. They are preferred to overcome challenges, but are not necessary.

  • Electro Hypostasis
    • chongyun
    • Dilute
    • ganyu
    • xiangling
  • Geo Hypostasis
    • Bennett
    • Klee
    • Noelle
    • Razor
  • Hypostasis Anemo
    • albedo
    • fischl
    • keqing
    • Xing Qiu
  • Hypostasis Anemo, Electro and Geo
    • chongyun
    • Dilute
    • ganyu
    • Sucrose

Points and rewards

Each challenge can be completed multiple times in an attempt to beat their previous score. In addition to offering a challenge to test its compositions and characters, it also offers the possibility of obtaining all the rewards of the event. Thus, the 7 challenges ask to obtain a total score of 20 points to obtain all the rewards. The record for each challenge is added together to calculate your total points.

Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide
Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide

Hypostasis Symphony Pass Quests and Missions

No missions appear to be planned for the Battle Pass at this time. However, we can still expect to have one that should require you to meet and complete all the challenges of the event.

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Hypostasis Symphony, Genshin Impact event guide
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