Clockwork Theater, Genshin Impact Event Guide

Clockwork Theater, Genshin Impact Event Guide

A new event is coming to the game with various activities to amaze you. THE Lantern Festival thus introduces the mechanical theater and its subtleties of board game and reflection. Rack your brains and take on the toughest challenges to plunder the store for its resources.

Clockwork Theater, Genshin Impact Event Guide

Mechanical Theater Event Dates

The event lasts 18 days, from Wednesday 10 au Sunday 28 February. Certain conditions must be met to participate, however. It is thus necessary to be at adventure level 23 at least and to have completed two specific quests. Participating in the challenge, however, requires the crafting and use of a sky lantern.

  • Start of the event – Wednesday, February 10, 10 a.m.
  • End of event – Sunday February 28 3:59
  • Closing of the shop – Sunday, March 7 3:59
  • Be adventure level 23
  • Quest The Origin of Lanterns and Mechanical Theater in Liyue Completed
  • 1 sky lantern

Process of a mechanical theater challenge

To participate in this event, you must first complete the quest "The origin of the lanterns" and "Mechanical theater in Liyue". Then head to Ruijin with a sky lantern to take part in his game. 6 levels of challenges await you here, the highest unlocked by the influence of the festive fever of Lantern Festival Trivia. Each level can then have its difficulty increased between 8 stages, increasing the reward multiplier.

Clockwork Theater, Genshin Impact Event Guide
  • Difficulty 1
    • Multiplier x1
  • Difficulty 2
    • Multiplier x1,2
  • Difficulty 3
    • Multiplier x1,4
  • Difficulty 4
    • Multiplier x1,6
  • Difficulty 5
    • Multiplier x1,8
  • Difficulty 6
    • Multiplier x2
  • Difficulty 7
    • Multiplier x2,5
  • Heroic Difficulty
    • Multiplier x3

Now that you know what awaits you, it's time to find out what this game board has in store. In a new game, you land on empty ground, with a clock ticking. The latter indicates the time you have left to prepare the ground. This construction phase is crucial since it allows you to establish your strategy to counter the waves of approaching monsters. Place your mechanisms in strategic places according to their element to counter the enemy's progress.

Clockwork Theater, Genshin Impact Event Guide

Once the preparation phase is over, it's time to fight. Enemies still spawn from purple portals visible from launch, and their objective is the blue portal. The enemies are there, and it's up to your mechanics to kick in. However you don't have to remain inactive. Some elements are interactive in the arena, and these are traps that you must trigger. They are given a cooldown after use.

Clockwork Theater, Genshin Impact Event Guide

Once the wave has passed, a new preparatory phase begins, but this time to choose an Arcane. These changes slightly modify certain aspects of the game. You can thus increase the difficulty to increase the rewards obtained, reduce the cost of construction or even increase the obtaining of Veneficus tokens received. The game is won if the number of escaped enemies does not exceed that requested.

Clockwork Theater, Genshin Impact Event Guide

Rewards and Shop

Every victory in mode mechanical theater rewards you with a handful of Veneficus tokens. The chosen level and difficulty increases this number, as well as performing certain specific actions during a game. These tokens can be exchanged in the Mechanisms interface before entering the game. They allow you to unlock new mechanisms for future games, and to improve those already in your possession.

But those chips aren't the only carrot at the end of the stick. Many challenges specific to this activity await you, unlockable thanks to the festive fever. Complete them to get Talismans of Peace to spend in the shop of the Lantern Festival. In particular, you can get a crown of wisdom or exchange 1 talismans for a 000-star Liyue character.

Pass Quests and Missions

For the Battle Pass only one mission is required for this activity. The latter therefore asks you to complete a challenge at difficulty level 7. This is the maximum difficulty, and offers a substantial challenge.

  • Complete difficulty level 7 once

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Clockwork Theater, Genshin Impact Event Guide
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