How to do Time and Wind in Genshin Impact?

How to do Time and Wind in Genshin Impact?

Open world with multiple secrets and puzzles to solve, some side quests and treasures can be difficult to find. But The Weather and the Wind offers a rather particular challenge in Genshin Impact. In addition to a full-bodied fight, the clues offered by the game are thin and very vague. What are the keys to solve these puzzles and lift the veil on the mystery that surrounds this island?

First of all, you have to start by going to the unnamed island east of the Starripper Cliff. There is an Anemoculus, treasures and an empty camp with a decrepit journal. The latter allows you to launch the quest which asks you to solve the mystery of the dial located in the center of the island.

How to do Time and Wind in Genshin Impact?

To get to this island you can use Kayea to create frozen surfaces to walk on. If you have enough stamina (over 200 points total, or 2 full bars) glide from the top of Starripper Cliff. You can use Amber, and even Venti if you have it, to save stamina while hovering. Also consider creating Nordic Smoked Chicken to regenerate stamina while flying.

Find and Destroy Wind Clusters

For this first step you must first interact with the dial in the center of the island. Reading the runes Paimon tells you that the shadow only appears before sunrise. Fast forward in time to set the time at 2 a.m.. Then use Elemental Vision to spot a cluster of wind on the structure behind the dial. Go to his side to use an Anemo skill on it.

How to do Time and Wind in Genshin Impact?

You now need to find 3 more to scatter in the same way. So start with climb the highest pillar on the island (located next to the dial) to find the first cluster. The second is on a rock in the north of the island, and the last behind the pillar lying in the water to the south. For the latter, you have to create an ice bridge with Kaeya in order to reach it easily. Be careful, it must always be dark otherwise you will not be able to see the clusters of wind.

Solve the riddle of the dial

A storm is rising in the center of the island, the dial has activated. Go inside to discover a gigantic cluster of wind (still with elemental vision). Once dispersed, this cluster gives way to a Storm Core. Fight it until it gets to 25% of his life points, at which point he leaves the battle. You no longer have a choice, you have to pursue it and a wind pipe activates for the occasion. Follow the path made by the cloud circles to discover a second dial.

How to do Time and Wind in Genshin Impact?

Start by clearing the area of ​​enemies before continuing the quest. Once calm, use elemental vision again to highlight the 4 clusters of wind to disperse around the dial. This will reveal the Storm Core, that you must this time defeat. During this battle the elemental will call on allies to support it. Try to get rid of them first if you don't kill the core fast enough. After the fight is over, talk to Henry Norton to end the quest.

You have now solved the puzzles concerning The Weather and the Wind in Genshin Impact. You can now discover the other treasures hidden in Teyvat.

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How to do Time and Wind in Genshin Impact?
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