How to Earn Mora Fast in Genshin Impact

How to Earn Mora Fast in Genshin Impact

Whether it is to raise your character, increase your levels, your skills, your weapons or even your artifacts, you need money for that. But the Mora can be hard to come by when assembling all of these at once for an entire Genshin Impact team. If there is no miracle solution to get rich, there are still some activities and tricks to exploit.

The repeatable activities to favor for Mora

These events are the most profitable for earning Mora quickly. They require to have a good supply of original Resin, but they allow to recover a good amount depending on your level of adventure. This is therefore the preferred activity to complete the weekly challenge of the battle pass. These lines are distinguishable from the others by their golden color.

How to Earn Mora Fast in Genshin Impact

When your resin recharges, you can focus on other activities. The best way to make money is to browse Mondstadt and Liyue in search of all the treasures that you don't have. You earn gold when you open a chest, in addition to valuable resources. You also take the opportunity to kill enemies, which earns you some coins.

But these are mostly the seals that are interesting to collect here. These are exchanged with specialized stewards in the capitals. Besides their wares, it is possible to enjoy bundles of 1 Mora. Those costing a seal are limited, which is not the case for the others. But to take advantage of it, you must first empty the other stocks, reinforcing this need to farm.

Complete unique quests and dungeons

Quests are a good way to earn Mora in Genshin Impact, but can only be done once. Complete any you have in progress, and look for new ones. Talk to all the characters you meet to make sure they don't have information. Whether it's about a hidden mission, or a clue about a treasure. Quickly unlock adventure level 36 to gain access to highly lucrative story quests.

How to Earn Mora Fast in Genshin Impact

Some dungeons can only be done once with unique rewards. These dungeons are often very profitable and must be completed. Guizang Secret Palace is particularly beneficial when it is done.

However, if all this is not enough, the Banque du Nord has a surprise in store for you. Located in Liyue, above the Mingxing Jewelry Store, there is a chest waiting for you. The latter is unique and contains 200 Mora. So don't hesitate to help yourself as soon as you pass by.

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How to Earn Mora Fast in Genshin Impact
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