Genshin Impact: Geosaur Hunt Event Date and Info

Genshin Impact: Geosaur Hunt Event Date and Info

Geosaurs have been restless since the Lantern Festival kicked off. In particular, we were able to discover the most powerful ones, including the Primo Geosaurus. But the Geosaurus Hunt is an event that begins in Genshin Impact with many missions to be collected from the Adventurer's Guild.

Event Details in Genshin Impact

Every day Catherine, receptionist of the Liyue Adventurers' Guild, offers you 8 daily missions to hunt geosaurs. They are categorized according to their difficulty, offering more or less accessible challenges. In return, you can unlock many rewards including primo-gems. And if the missions aren't challenging enough, deadly expeditions await.

Every day, one S-rank, 2 A-rank and 5 B-rank missions await you with Catherine. You can decide to have a character from a friend help you, choosing from those in his showcase. When you send a character on an expedition for the Geosaurus Hunt, it cannot be used for regular shipments.

Genshin Impact: Geosaur Hunt Event Date and Info

For the moment no quest is announced for the battle pass. We can however expect to see one to achieve, asking to get rid of a certain number of geosaurs.

Event date Geosaurus Hunt

event geosaur hunt lasts 7 days on Genshin Impact. From Friday March 5 to Friday March 12, you will be able to measure yourself against these creatures under certain conditions. However, the event rewards can be obtained until March 15. To be able to participate, certain conditions must be met. Your account must be at least Adventure Level 20, and a quest must be completed.

  • Release date - Friday, March 5, 10 a.m.
  • End date - Friday, March 12, 3 a.m.
  • Obtaining rewards – from Friday 5 to Monday 15 March
  • Be adventure level 20
  • Geosaurus Hunt quest completed

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Genshin Impact: Geosaur Hunt Event Date and Info
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