Genshin Impact: Divine Path, Changed Weapon Vows

Genshin Impact: Divine Path, Changed Weapon Vows

While Wishes are a central element in Genshin Impact, it is difficult to summon on both event banners without having to use the wallet. Fortunately, to restore the image of the banner of arms a little, the pity system has been modified somewhat. Version 2.0 of the game thus welcomes the divine path on the weapon wishes, allowing you to choose which one you want to obtain.

Extra security

This new security, the divine path, is reserved for divine Incarnation vows, i.e. the banner of arms. It does not replace the classic pity system, but is added to it to limit frustration and randomness as much as possible. With the divine path, you choose which weapon you get at the end of your wishes. But you will still have to watch your primo-gems because you do not have an infinite number of attempts.

This new system works quite simply. Start by choosing which of the two banner weapons you want to get. In your next wishes, if the 5-star weapon you get is not the one you want, you get a fate point. Cumulative 2 times, use these 2 points to ensure the arrival of your weapon during the next 5-star draw. It is possible to change your desired weapon at any time, but this resets the Fate Points. Likewise, the latter disappear when a new banner of arms arrives.

Choice of weapon for the Divine Path
  • Designate a 5-Star Banner Weapon
  • Get 1 Fate Point for each 5-star weapon that is not the chosen one
  • Spend 2 points to force the chosen weapon to be the next 5-star spawn

With divine path, the weapon banner is gaining interest for all players. However, it still requires a huge investment to obtain the desired object.

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Genshin Impact: Divine Path, Changed Weapon Vows
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