Endless War, Genshin Impact event guide

Endless War, Genshin Impact event guide

A new event is coming to the game to offer new challenges to complete. The latter offers combat series where the Traveler's reflexes are also put to the test. Stand against the enemy hordes in the event endless war to collect the juicy rewards at stake.

Endless War Event Dates

The event lasts 10 days, from Friday 9 au Monday 19 July. You must be at least adventure level 21 to participate.

Endless War, Genshin Impact event guide
  • Start of the event – Friday, July 9, 11 a.m.
  • End of event – Monday July 19 4:59
  • Be adventure level 21

Event details endless war

Challenge locations have appeared in the Golden Apple Archipelago that challenge the Traveler. By going there, the heroes can then face fanatics but also take care of nearby spirited targets. The more eliminations they make, the more the spirit level rises and the blessings rain down. It is thus necessary to achieve the best score in a given time to unlock a medal and obtain the rewards.

Before heading into battle, equip your Wind Harpastum to aim for spirited targets. These allow you to maintain and maximize the drive combo in order to benefit from the bonuses. At each level of enthusiasm (up to 3 maximum) an attack bonus is unlocked for the fighters. Choose a high multiplier, take advantage of the damage bonus on Overconduction and walk away with gold in all challenges.

Unfolding of a classic challenge

Shop and rewards

No shop planned for the event, but medals to be accumulated to obtain the various rewards. Each challenge has 3 medals to win: bronze, silver and gold. The bronze medal is used to obtain primo-gems, the silver medal for low-quality materials and the gold medal for higher-quality materials.

Endless War, Genshin Impact event guide
All medal rewards

Pass Quests and Missions

  • Battle Pass Mission:
    • Get a bronze medal or better in at least 5 different “Endless War” challenges

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Endless War, Genshin Impact event guide
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