Guide to getting started in FUT on FIFA 23

Guide to getting started in FUT on FIFA 23

Whether you're new to the FIFA franchise or are a regular at FIFA Ultimate Team mode, here's our guide and tips for getting started on FUT when FIFA 23 is released. In order, you'll discover all the steps to quickly advance in the game, obtain credits, develop simple and effective trading methods in order to build your first teams. The goal is to get you started quickly on FIFA 23 to have a good season.

Update : Updated from Monday, September 26 at 16 p.m.

The steps to start FUT on FIFA 23

  • Install the FUT App (before the game is released)
  • Choose your country
  • Open your Packs
  • Sort your cards
  • Complete the DCEs
  • Start trading
  • Build your starter team

Install the FUT App to get a head start

In addition to the possibility of playing on the transfer market, the FIFA App allows you to start the adventure one week before the release of FIFA 23. Indeed, the FUT Application gives access to your account as soon as it is released. Note that the app also allows you to discover the daily objectives, the DCE, the new cards but also to recover cards deleted by mistake.

The Fut Web App is available from Wednesday, September 21 for users of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 23.

Official link for FIFA 23 FUT App.

Which nation to choose to start your FUT season?

The first big choice to make on the FIFA 23 FUT mode will be to choose the nation for your starter pack. Indeed, EA offers you a fairly large pack including your first cards of the season. However, you must choose the main nationality making up this pack. Thus, you will have the choice between nearly a dozen nations to compose your very first team on FUT 23.

  • Our advice: Ignore the small nations and concentrate on the France, Brazil,Argentina even theSpain and l'Germany.

The advantage of these nations lies in the fact that they have many players in the various major championships but also that these nations are often useful in the first DCE (Team Creation Challenge) of FUT.

Also note that Brazil and France allow you to create formations with many different leagues, which will give you more freedom and flexibility to develop your first FUT formation.

Furthermore, it is important to note that this choice should not affect your Starter team. Indeed, this Pack should not give you Meta cards. Therefore, see it more as the opportunity to have cards to achieve the first DCE.

Open your packs quickly, how to use your points

So several strategies exist but in our opinion, the best is clearly to open your packs as soon as possible. The idea is to be able to resell content, obtain credits and thus engage in trading. If you wait for the One To Watch charts to come out, other players will have already traded for 10 days.

However, an interesting point is using your FIFA Points if you have the ultimate edition. You have two options: buy packs at 7.5k or wait for the game to be released on Monday, September 26 at 16 p.m. to carry out drafts (online or offline).

When opening your packs, here are some tips for sorting your cards:

  • Don't throw away any cards, even ones you can't trade
  • You can sell your player contracts directly while post changes will be listed on the transfer market
  • At the start, keep your cards to make the first available DCEs (see below)
  • As soon as the first DCEs are completed, sell your unusable player cards from major leagues and nations (including France, England, Germany and Brazil)
  • If you're very lucky and get a great card in the first few days (86+), wait a good week for prices to start rising to sell it. On the first day, no one will have money to buy it from you
  • Sell ​​club outfits and icons if they are big nations/clubs (see below)

Overall, depending on the quality of the charts, you will have a few trading techniques to remember. We will explain this to you a little later in this guide.

Sorting your players: how to identify a good card at the start of FIFA 23?

Identifying a good map and what makes a map Meta is the subject of another article on our site, but we'll cover the basics here. Overall, a Gold card will increase in value if it is playable. So, players usually favor stats like speed and physics to quickly determine if the card is usable in game or not.

Note that if you want to have complete information and lists of Meta players, our FIFA 23 portal will have lists of the best Meta cards for FIFA 23, with a weekly update.

Therefore, here are some examples of value to identify to know if a Gold player can be used in game in a starter team.

  • For a Scorer (BU): speed (overall), shooting, physique and to a lesser extent dribbling
  • For a Central Defender (CD): speed, defense and physicality

Thus, an attacker at 77 but who has a good level of speed (86+), a shooting value greater than 80 and a physique of 75 or + will be more interesting (and therefore expensive at the start of the game) than a another attacker with better passing, defending and dribbling skills but weaker on the three values ​​listed above.

Sometimes, some cards with 80-83 overall rating can see their price skyrocket if the values ​​are placed optimally. Thus, on the past edition of FIFA, Ferland Mendy's card remained until November 1 above 80 credits on the PlayStation market (source in English). Apart from his nationality and his club (France and Real Madrid) allowing the card to be easily linked on different FUT formations, the overall stats of the card made him an excellent player on FIFA 000. Moreover, with 22 in skill moves and 4 in weak foot, the card is simply incredible at just 5 overall rating.

Therefore, several factors must be taken into account when assessing the value of a card:

  • The combination of its stats: favor values ​​according to the Meta of the game (especially speed)
  • His nationality, his club and his league: the more you shoot on major nations and major championships, the more the price will be important
  • The number of stars in technical gestures and weak foot: although secondary at the beginning, these elements will make the cards particularly attractive in key positions, especially in attack
  • The physics in play also makes it possible to identify more or less agile players. Generally, a unique physique is also a big plus, sometimes bringing unique animations
  • Finally, traits are also a big plus, especially for a player on offense. Finesse shooting, outside of the foot or powerful head are effective traits sought after by the best FUT players in offensive positions.

Complete the first Basic and Advanced DCEs

These DCEs (team building challenges) are present from the launch of FIFA 23 on the FUT mode and will allow you to obtain credits as well as packs for cheap. The idea is to use your uninteresting cards to complete them for less. In addition, completing them will allow you to advance in your basic FIFA 23 objectives, again giving you access to additional packs and coins.

Therefore, learn to do them at a lower cost, using as many non-exchangeable cards as possible, from minor leagues (apart from the major championships) and if possible, from fairly weak nations.

Important : to unlock ALL DCEs, including player DCEs and Big Posters, you must complete the group of Foundations 1 DCEs. little leagues for the same club and same league.

Basic DCEs really don't require any thought, as long as you use the less interesting cards in your stash. However, you will then need to complete the Advanced DCEs. The latter are already more complex, since they include more criteria to complete them.

Avoid spending credits as much as possible to achieve them. You will find solutions and example solutions on, allowing you to reproduce a cheap solution.

Also note that it is important to open the packs obtained, because you will quickly run out of cards if you plan to store packs from the first days of play.

How to earn credits on trading in the early days

It will be necessary to spend a lot of time on the app or on the game's transfer market in order to learn the value of the cards and seize the right opportunities. During the first days, it is possible to quickly earn credits on simple techniques. Also keep in mind that FIFA imposes a tax of 5% of the value of the card when sold. Pay attention to the prices so as not to lose money on resale.

For more information on trading, find our article on trading methods and tips for earning credits on FUT.

Here are our tips and strategies for getting started trading when FIFA 23 launches:

Focus on the cards to complete the DCEs basic and advanced, a technique called “solution trading” in English. Indeed, these cards will be in high demand by players looking to finish their DCEs. Thus, you can rely on our solutions to these DCEs to invest in Gold cards. For example, the French Gold DCs of the major championships, Brazilian DGs/DDs in different European championships or even goalkeepers from major nations in small leagues . A specific example is Valentin Rosier, who tends to vary a lot at the start of the game due to the position, nation and league combo (DD, France, Süper Lig).

The " Flipping (often called Achat-resale in French), consists of buying cards when prices are lowest to resell when prices rise. Simple isn't it? To explain the method a bit, you will need to identify specific cards and times for it to be profitable. But again, is here to help! The favorable times to buy are generally at night during the week, the hour following the release of content (Wednesday at 19 p.m. in connection with the Team of the week, Friday at 19 p.m. with the release of a new event) and during the arrival of new packs (Thursday afternoon following the Rivals packs, Sunday noon with the Clash packs).

These periods are more favorable because players open packs at this time, bringing a surplus of cards to the market, which tends to lower prices. Again, play on the auction, identify the cards that seem to lose value and bet as little as possible. The idea will be to resell quickly afterwards to make a profit.

Flipping will be more effective during the FUT season but could work during the first days, especially during the different stages of the release. A first influx of cards will arrive on Wednesday 21, then a second on Monday 26 and finally, Friday September 30 with the official release of the game.

Some advice depending on the qualities of the cards:

Fullerenes Rare Bronze Cards can be quite expensive if they allow you to complete team building challenges. The technique will therefore be to get your hands on Bronze cards at 150-200 credits, useful for the first DCEs of the season. Buy these cards at the minimum price to resell them for around 350-500 credits.

Fullerenes Silver cards only have value if they come from big leagues/nations. However, you can keep these cards to make DCEs, especially the Big Posters. Thus, everything depends on whether you can get your hands on cheap cards (below 400 credits) that will be used by other players to complete challenges. Mainly favor the cards of the 5 major championships and the main nations (France, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal or even Argentina).

Fullerenes equipment, celebrations, icons and outfits can be relatively expensive if you are lucky enough to get a shirt or an icon from a big club in your first pack. Thus, if your welcome pack offers you Manchester United, PSG, a major national team (Brazil, France, Germany) or even an important club in a European championship, select it to resell it immediately on the market. It's a way to earn a few thousand credits from launch, especially since these items will drop in price in the weeks to come.

Prepare your Starter Team and develop it

The idea of ​​a Starter team is to have a solid team, correct at each position, allowing you both to easily win your Team Battles but also to be able to face other players in Rivals.

Thus, we are not talking about players at 83+ (unless you have a large budget to spend on FIFA Points) but rather OR 77-82 cards that are quite Meta at the start of the game. We will list you in our various guides, examples of Starter Team OP on FIFA 23 FUT mode.

Developing your Starter Team is sometimes complicated because it requires changing 2-3 players to integrate an excellent card that you have just obtained, via the transfer market or weekly rewards (via Rivals or Team Clash). The general idea is to avoid buying cards on the market if they force you to change a large part of your team. If you're lucky enough to get high-value non-tradable cards, take your time integrating them.

Also favor your Chemistry level over your team's overall rating at the start. A collective of 33 will allow you to gain stat bonuses on all your cards rather than adding a card to 83 which will lower the collective by part of your 11. However, the changes made by EA with the 3 gems limit a bit about the impact of the collective this year.

What game modes to play at the start of FIFA 23?

If your playing time is not limited, during the first weeks, favor the following game modes according to your level of play:

  • The game mode Moments, to quickly and easily achieve objectives and thus obtain packs and stars for more content. This game mode will not use your player contracts.
  • Fullerenes Team Battles, whatever your level of play, to achieve the objectives and also rank yourself on your 40 matches of the week for the Sunday morning rewards.
  • En FUT Draft if your level of play is high. Indeed, the price of the token will be easily compensated if you consistently win 3-4 matches in this game mode. In addition, it will allow you to test and evaluate cards. It is possible to spend all your FIFA Points on Token Draft at the start, the rewards even in Offline will normally compensate for choosing not to buy packs. In addition, it allows you to trade all of your cards at the start and invest in a formation to play in Rivals at the end of this game mode.
  • The mode rivals will only be accessible after a good week of release. This mode is particularly interesting if you enjoy playing against opponents. Even if your game level is limited, you can play Rivals for weekly rewards. Also, it is possible to play in duo, if you want to make this game mode more enjoyable.
  • FUTChampion or Weekend League, which is a competitive version of FIFA with a limited number of matches each time you participate. This game mode will be the last to be activated by EA.

Do you have to buy FIFA Points to be good at FIFA 23 FUT mode?

For once, we consider that players are free to use their money as they want on a video game. In our case, we managed to get excellent teams and finish well in Rivals (Elite) and FUT Champions (16+ wins) without spending a single euro on both FIFA 21 and FIFA 22, but this requires farming the game and to be able to trade regularly.

However, if you plan to play for the majority of the season, spending a hundred dollars early in the game is generally profitable, because it allows you to obtain a lot of cards to sell and thus start trading. If you buy packs hoping to have players like Mbappé, Messi or Ronaldo, quickly forget that because the chances will be extremely slim.

So much for our guide to get started on the FUT mode of FIFA 23. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the DCE solutions as well as advice for investing, creating your starter team but also follow the news and the TOTWs of the game.

Guide to getting started in FUT on FIFA 23
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Guide to getting started in FUT on FIFA 23
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Guide to getting started in FUT on FIFA 23
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