Cooking in Genshin Impact, guide and tips

Cooking in Genshin Impact, guide and tips

Many features are present in Genshin Impact, and cooking takes full advantage of them. Ingredients to collect, preparations to make, optimization of creations, many things have to be mastered with this profession. And to help you see more clearly and become as good as Philippe Etchebest, we have compiled some tips and tricks to get you cooking.

Ingredients, groceries and stock

To be able to cook, you must first start by gathering the ingredients. These can be found everywhere, and in different ways. It is thus possible to picking fruits, pick vegetables, breaking crates for find ingredient stocks, etc. But it is also possible to hunt animals so that you can harvest meat from it. Groceries are also available for some more specific ingredients, such as salt or pepper. It is possible to buy a multitude of ingredients from them in 100 copies, reset every 24 hours. These grocers are easily found in Mondstadt and Liyue, the main cities.

  • Blanche – Mondstadt Grocer
  • Dongsheng – Liyue Grocer

Corn raw ingredients can be refined to prepare even more delicious dishes. This happens in the second tab of the cooking menu, where you can create sugar, jam, or even cream. It is important to prepare quickly, and in large quantities to save time. Some restaurateurs also sell refined ingredients, but in limited quantity.

  • Sara – mondstadt
  • Chef Mao – Liyue
Cooking in Genshin Impact, guide and tips

Genshin Impact's kitchen, how it works

In Genshin Impact cooking is an essential aspect that must be mastered. You can create many dishes, each of them having a beneficial effect on the life of the group, its stamina or its attack. After collecting the ingredients needed to make a dish, you have to get to the stove to make it. It comes here in the form of a mini-game asking you to tap at the right time. Depending on the result, if the white bar is in the empty, yellow or orange part, your dish is more or less successful. The better he is, the better his bonuses are.

Cooking in Genshin Impact, guide and tips

It is important to note that each dish can and should be mastered over time. To increase the level of mastery of a dish it is enough tostop the bar in the orange area in the center during the mini-game. The rarer a dish, the harder it is to master it. Thus a legendary dish must be made 25 times before benefiting from the mastery.

Recipes can be obtained in many ways. The most common is to buy them from restaurants in different cities. But it is also possible to obtain it by talking to certain characters, or as a quest reward.

Optimize your kitchen

Each character has passive bonuses useful in combat, but also for exploration and other Genshin Impact activities. The kitchen is no exception with certain characters very attached to their little dishes. It is therefore important to see who has the best bonuses when creating a dish to take full advantage of them.

Cooking in Genshin Impact, guide and tips

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Cooking in Genshin Impact, guide and tips
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