Live stream Genshin Impact patch 3.0, 13 août

Live stream Genshin Impact patch 3.0, 13 août

A new live stream is about to start, this time dedicated to Genshin Impact patch 3.0. We will discover the trailer for the next update, but also its events, characters and novelties. Just like version 2.0, this patch will unveil a new region. Today is Sumeru, presented some time ago.

Summary of the live stream

  • The live starts strong, with the trailer of version 3.0 after a short speech by a HoYoverse executive
  • Collei and Tighnari are directly introduced, with their skills highlighted. Dori will arrive in the second part of the update
  • The Sumeru region seems huge, with big lands to roam, but also undergrounds to explore
  • The creative director dwells at length on the Sumeru Academy and the predisposition of the region to train researchers and geniuses. This is the land of wisdom
  • First code of this stream: 8ANCKTWYVRD5D
  • The level designer talks about the region and the profound difference between its dense forests and its desert. The objective was to transcribe this aspect in all the places
  • New interactions with the Dendro element will be added in version 3.0
  • Weapons and sets will strengthen players to face the new boss: the Jadeplume Terrorshroom
  • Second free code: EA7VKTFHU9VR
  • Now is the time to look at the events of this patch and their rewards
  • The first event presented is Graven Innocence, asking the Traveler to help a merchant make new toys. However, you will have to find inspiration, whether through photos, fights or exploration.
  • Le Fayz Trials immerses you in the heart of dungeons to face waves of enemies, during which it is possible to analyze the weaknesses of the creatures
  • With Tablet Analytics you can assist a researcher to collect data through battles
  • Ulman returns with the Lost riches to be collected across the region
  • Le Reflux of energy lines is also coming back
  • Early 3.0 banners feature Tighnari and Zhongli, with Collei more likely to arrive. The second banner phase features Ganyu and Kokomi, with increased chances of getting Dori
  • Future versions are announced, all with a release date. 3.0 will be available from August 24, 3.1 on September 28, 3.2 on November 2 and 3.3 on December 7

What can we expect from patch 3.0?

This is one of the biggest updates planned for Genshin Impact. In addition to Sumeru and its environments, new characters will appear. Dori, Collei and Tighnari will be highlighted in particular because they should be present for the launch. But patch 3.0 also introduces Genshin Impact's first character Dendro, which should unlock new elemental combinations. The Traveler may also take advantage of this element for his own purposes.

But we should also discover new features and ways to explore the world. With the introduction of Sumeru, new puzzles related to the Dendro element should be offered. The main story will also take a major turn, especially with regard to the Fatui clan.

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