Kujou Sara, info and release date on Genshin Impact

Kujou Sara, info and release date on Genshin Impact

Officially unveiled during the livestream on patch 2.1, Kujou Sara is a new Genshin Impact character whose release accompanies that of the Shogun Raiden. General of the Administrative Commission, she accompanies the Archon Electro on her banner. But this elite archer might just need some help keeping Inazuma's public safe.

English voice: Jeannie Tirado

Japanese voice: Asami seto

All about Sara and her gameplay

Adopted by the Kujou clan, Sara is enrolled from an early age in the Administrative Commission. In charge of public security for Inazuma, the young woman very quickly adapted to her new life, even going so far as to become the general of her organization. Elevated to the rank of example by her people, she bears the heavy responsibility of maintaining order in the city. A particularly important task since Shogun Raiden's decree regarding the Divine Eyes.

However, despite her military training, Sara remains a very important support for her allies. She is able to empower their attacks with her crow feathers. After spawning them with a charged attack, the archer triggers the effects of her feathers with her Tempestrier Tengu. But she is also able to crush her opponents thanks to her Submission: Path of Light.

Kujou Sara, Banner and release date

The banner of the Shogun Raiden is not yet known. We know, however, that upon its release, the Archon Electro is accompanied by Kujou Sara. These characters are available from September 1, and the general is added to the list of permanent summons.

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Kujou Sara, info and release date on Genshin Impact
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