Genshin Impact: Spiraling Depths, Entry, and Challenges

Genshin Impact: Spiraling Depths, Entry, and Challenges

There are many activities to do in the game after completing the main quests. But the Spiraling Depths are Genshin Impact's biggest challenge, even having an associated quest in the Battle Pass. This place is full of fights to take up, with different bonuses depending on the floor. To know everything about this place, it's here.

  • Blessing of the Abyssal Moon (ends 30/11) -
    • Light circles boosting attack and attack speed appear in combat
    • Damage dealt increases after a normal or charged attack executed quickly on an enemy. The effect lasts 1 second and can be stacked 10 times. Also, each stack can trigger an energy blast.

How do I get to the Spiraling Depths?

The Spiraling Depths are found in the Mondstadt region, on a remote island. But they are only accessible to adventurers who have solved their puzzle. The latter is located at Cap de la Promise, in the south of the region. It is also not very complicated, just bring 3 fairies in their receptacle to create a current of air leading you to a time portal.

Genshin Impact: Spiraling Depths, Entry, and Challenges

Once through the portal, you are teleported to Marcus Reef. A few resources can be found there, in addition to an Anemoculus and the entrance to the Shrine of the Deep, the biggest challenge in Genshin Impact. You no longer have to make the path once the access is unlocked, you can teleport directly into the Spiraling Depths.

The Spiral Depths, how does it work?

This challenge is broken down into stages. You start with the first, and end up delving deeper and deeper into it. The goal is to reach the Spiral of the Moon, which is an infinite stage. The first 8 stages are appetizers that allow you to assess your overall progress. However bonuses and rewards are present in this place.

  • Spiral of the Moon –
    • The Spiral of the Moon benefits from a bonus that changes every 15 days
  • First floor
    • Allies' Pyro damage is increased by 75%
    • Overload damage is increased by 200%
  • Second floor
    • Allies' Cryo damage increased by 75%
    • Freeze duration is increased by 300%
  • Third floor
    • Allies' Anemo damage is increased by 75%
    • Scatter damage increases by 300% and range by 100%
  • Fourth floor
    • Electro damage of allies is increased by 75%
    • Shock damage increased by 150% and range increased by 100%.
  • Fifth floor
    • Allies damage is increased by 25% while their health is above 25%
    • While health is above 80% normal attack speed increases by 20%
    • While health is above 80% movement speed increases by 20%
    • While health is above 95% crit rate increases by 10% and crit damage by 20%
  • Sixth floor
    • Using an elemental unleash increases allies' attack and defense by 6%, stacking up to 5 times. Beyond normal attack and movement speed increase by 30%
  • Seventh floor
    • Critical hits generate elemental orbs or elemental particles (once every 15 seconds)
    • Allies critical damage increased by 120%
  • Eighth floor
    • While health is below 50%, attack and defense are increased by 50%
    • While health is below 45%, normal attack speed increases by 30%

There are also other bonuses, offered before each fight. These are separated into 3 categories: floor effects, room effects and immediate use. The first confers a bonus for the 3 fights of the current floor, the second for the one to come, and the last is consumed immediately.

You now know everything there is to know about the Spiral Depths of Genshin Impact and their specificities.

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Genshin Impact: Spiraling Depths, Entry, and Challenges
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