Genshin Impact: Patch 1.1 would have leaked with Zhongli and Ayaka

Genshin Impact: Patch 1.1 would have leaked with Zhongli and Ayaka

If one thing is certain at the moment, it is that the next Genshin Impact patch, 1.1, does not yet have an official release date. Nevertheless it seems that the content of this update has leaked in advance. Simple mistake, marketing stunt or real lie created from scratch, what is behind these new features revealed?

Update 19/10: Ayaka Kamisato would no longer be relevant for this patch 1.1. Neither does the Inazuma region. The leaks are becoming more and more precise now but are far from what we could originally expect. 4 characters are still planned for this patch, with a little more detail about how they work.

The next playable characters

Each new Genshin Impact update should be an opportunity to welcome new characters to summon and embody. This patch would therefore be no exception, revealing 4 characters.

Genshin Impact: Patch 1.1 would have leaked with Zhongli and Ayaka

Zhongli, whose presentation image would also have been revealed, is a character encountered during the adventure in Liyue. He would be a 5 star Geo polearm wielder. His skills would allow him in particular to create walls, but also to destroy what is linked to the Geo element instantly.

Childe should accompany him, a bow wielder at the Hydro Divine Eye. His elemental skill would grant him some versatility by giving him access to a polearm and daggers. Diona, also a bow adept, evolves with a Cryo Divine Eye. Waitress at the Mondstatd Cat's Tail, her skills would be related to her job. Finally comes Xynian, a rocker wielding a Claymore and the Pyro. With her the goal is to begin to set up a music group with Barbara since she uses her weapon to play a frenzied rhythm.

All of these characters should be available through two banners spread throughout patch 1.1. The first would highlight Xiao and the second Zhongli. Their order of appearance would however not be given, even if Xiao should be the first to reveal himself.

What's new according to this leak?

If we are to believe the Genshin Impact patch 1.1 leak, the main adventure would resume as soon as it arrives. If this is not surprising or surreal, a new area would also accompany these quests. However, a few small details still leave room for doubt as they seem inconceivable.

What's New in Patch 1.1

  • End of the first chapter of Liyue
    • Added a new weekly boss
  • New reputation system per region
    • Each level of reputation rewards the player with materials, cosmetics and recipes
  • Excess experience given to a weapon turns into a gem
  • Characters on expeditions can be used in game
  • Addition of a stock of original Resin
    • It is now possible to set aside the resin via vials provided for this purpose
  • Ability to lock a weapon or equipment (not to use it as equipment)
  • Addition of an encyclopedia on the fauna and flora of Teyvat
  • New camera setting to prevent it from zooming and rotating automatically
  • New permanent banner with Keqing, Qiqi and Mona

New objects

  • New 5-star weapons, one for each type
  • portable teleporter
    • Can be placed anywhere and stays in place for 7 days
  • portable kitchen
    • Can be placed anywhere to cook in any circumstance
  • Regional Talisman
    • This talisman allows you to track down the missing oculus in the region.
  • Regional compass
    • This compass is used to track down chests in the region that have not yet been opened.

These are the big changes that this new patch would bring. Nothing is official yet, so it is best to consider this information as existing and not factual.

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Genshin Impact: Patch 1.1 would have leaked with Zhongli and Ayaka
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