Genshin Impact : Note de patch 1.1

Genshin Impact : Note de patch 1.1

Genshin Impact patch 1.1 is full of changes and new things to discover. New characters, new events, new challenges. A lot of things are to be expected from November 11 in game. Maintenance is still to wait for the time to install the patch on the servers.

Patch 1.1 release date

The next Genshin Impact patch arrives on November 11, 2020. Servers will be down from Tuesday, November 10 at 23:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. (minimum). This maintenance will introduce all the new features of the patch.

To learn more

The new temporary banners have arrived. But small surprises however, the permanent banner has also changed. Keqing, Qiqi, and Mona are now the headliners for Genshin Impact patch 1.1.

  • Battle Pass –
    • New Update, New Battle Pass, More Rewards
  • Tartaglia -
    • A Hydro DPS alternating between bow, daggers and polearm.
  • Diona -
    • A healer support moving with a bow and some booze.

The reputation is revealed in its entirety, revealing a well-crafted and rather simple to understand system. Each city is entitled to its own reputation, involving its quests and bounties.

Changes and novelties to expect

Genshin Impact patch 1.1 is right around the corner, and details about it are starting to come to light. After the live introduction of the new characters, we were able to learn more about some features.

Archives are also appearing in the Paimon menu. These offer many sub-categories to follow the progress in the game. But it is also a place where it is possible to sort weapons, artifacts, components or even dishes according to many filters. This menu is still in its infancy and will be improved over the updates.

Genshin Impact : Note de patch 1.1
  • Original resin –
    • Maximum quantity: 160 (previously 120)
    • Weekly Battle Pass Quest: 1 (previously 200)
  • New Characters –
    • Zonghli – Polearm and Geo Element User
    • Tartaglia (Child) – Arc and Hydro element user
    • Diona – Bow and Cryo Element User
    • Xinyan – Claymore and Pyro Element User
  • Arc Liyue –
    • La fin de l'arc Liyue arrive
    • New Weekly Boss (Tartaglia)
  • New Events –
    • Vanished stars
      • Duration: November 16, 4 a.m. to November 00, 29 p.m.
      • Complete quests and challenges to get Supernova Energy and Astral Essence to spend in a special shop
      • complete Princess Pact to unlock Fischl for free
    • Fervent Anthem
      • Reach adventure level 18
      • Complete the quest For Cyan Shade
      • Reward: Barbara
    • Present time
      • Receive login bonuses every day for 7 days

Added key settings (Keyboard and controllers) from the game options. Select an action and assign the desired key by pressing it.

Patch 1.1 Key Items

  • Condensed resin
    • Requires reputation level 3 with Liyue
    • Allows you to combine 40 resins and 100 moras
    • Use in dungeons and flowers to get 2 (random) rewards at once
    • The max. 3
  • Pocket Teleporter
    • Requires reputation level 2 with Mondstadt
    • Place a teleport point anywhere on the map
    • Persists for 7 days
    • Changing location will cause the previous teleporter to disappear
  • Few nutrients V30
    • Requires reputation level 5 with Mondstadt
    • Allows you to store a revive and regenerate dish on an assigned key
  • Adept's Cauldron
    • Requires reputation level 5 with Liyue
    • Spawns a cooking cauldron in front of you
    • Automatically disappears after 300 seconds (5 minutes)
  • resonance stone
    • Requires reputation level 2 in the region
    • Used to detect missing elemental oculus
    • Shows a highlighted area as long as an oculus remains
  • Anemo and Geo treasure detectors
    • Requires reputation level 6 in the region
    • Allows you to indicate the location of the nearest safe
  • Vial catcher wind
    • Requires reputation level 3 with Mondstadt
    • Stock nearby Anemogranums (max. 5)
    • Create a field of wind to fly away
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