Genshin Impact: Battle Pass, Info and Rewards

Genshin Impact: Battle Pass, Info and Rewards

True tradition of free-to-play now, Genshin Impact has a Battle Pass. The latter allows you to collect many rewards, whether it is the different currencies of the game or even materials. Unlocked at adventure level 20, this battle pass has a free and a paid version. Learn all about the Battle Pass here.

Genshin Impact Battle Pass Rewards

If you chose to play the game for free then you can enjoy some rewards by advancing through the Vagabond Battle Pass. This is experience for the characters and for weapons (in the form of materials), Mora but also some Stones of Destiny.

  • Adventurer's Advice (x27)
  • Hero's Lesson (x36)
  • Mystic Strengthening Ore (x96)
  • Mora (x560 000)
  • Brittle Resin (x5)
  • Destiny Stone (x5)

But the Gnostic version (paid) allows you to obtain much more than that, with Stones of Fatality. There are also skills improvement materials, very rare and very popular. But the biggest special feature is the PB trunk. It is a unique reward since it allows you to choose between 5 weapons. The latter can only be obtained through this Season Chest, and only one can be chosen.

  • Adventurer's Advice (x27)
  • Hero's Lesson (x162)
  • Mystic Strengthening Ore (x384)
  • Mora (x2 720 000)
  • Rocky Earth Council (x3)
  • Windy Earth Council (x4)
  • Rocky Earth Philosophy (x1)
  • Windy Earth Philosophy (x1)
  • Chest PB (x1)
  • Brittle Resin (x5)
  • Primo-gems (x680)
  • Destiny Stone (x5)
  • Doom Stone (x4)

How to increase pass levels?

Unfortunately, there is no miracle solution. The only way to level up the Genshin Impact battle pass tiers is to complete the various quests. It is therefore necessary to play regularly to complete the daily, monthly and weekly quests. It is however interesting to note that a player completing his weekly and monthly missions can complete the daily quests 4 days out of 7. It is therefore an investment that can prove profitable in the long term. It is also possible to pay €21,99 to unlock 10 tiers, or 150 primo-gems for just 1.

Genshin Impact: Battle Pass, Info and Rewards

Battle Pass Date, Price, and Duration

The Genshin Impact Battle Pass was designed to last for the duration of an update. It therefore takes an average of 6 weeks to complete the pass and reach the final level. The latter can only be purchased with real money. There is therefore no question of saving Primo-gems or primary crystals to unlock it.

The first formula, the most basic and the least expensive, allows you to obtain the Battle Pass and its advantages for €10,99. For €21,99 (or an additional €12,99 if you already have the basic offer) you can get the battle pass and exclusive rewards.

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Genshin Impact: Battle Pass, Info and Rewards
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