Crash of Thunder, Genshin Impact event guide

Crash of Thunder, Genshin Impact event guide

A new event is coming to the game to offer new challenges to complete. The latter offers different challenges in several acts in order to discover the Inazuma region. Complete timed challenges, challenge new enemies, and run through never-before-seen dungeons in the event thunder crash. Many rewards are to be collected.

Thunder Crash Event Dates

The event lasts 21 days, from Wednesday 21 July au monday 9 august. You must be at least adventure level 30 and have completed 2 specific quests to participate.

Crash of Thunder, Genshin Impact event guide
  • Event Dates –
    • Act 1 - Thursday, July 22, 11 a.m.
    • Act 2 - Saturday July 24 5:00 a.m.
    • Act 3 - Tuesday, July 27 5:00 a.m.
    • Act 4 - Friday, July 30, 5 a.m.
  • End of event – Monday August 9 4:59
  • Be adventure level 30
  • Completed the Autumn Wind and Scarlet Leaves quest
  • Completed Ritou's Escape Plan quest

Event details thunder crash

The four acts of the event each offer a unique challenge in the lands of Inazuma. The first, “At the speed of lightning”, allows you to measure yourself against planing. Complete the course within the time limit to score points with the help of lightning butterflies and Electrogranums. More classic, the second act proposes to measure yourself against hordes of enemies and overcome them before the end of the counter. Act 3 extends this challenge, but with slightly different mechanics. Finally, the final act leads you into a dungeon where a Mechanical Matrix awaits.

Act 2 and 3 each introduce a specific mechanic. The first is the electric refuge, recharging the energy of the character accompanied by an Electrogranum or inflicting Electro damage. Additionally, a gauge fills up on the safehouse, releasing a wave of Electro energy when full. The pulsating crystal, on the other hand, connects to the player affected by the Electro element or accompanied by an Electroganum. The more crystals connected, the more bonuses the player receives. These two mechanics are present in Act 4 and must be used to defeat the Mechanical Matrix.

Crash of Thunder, Genshin Impact event guide
The 4 acts of the event

Shop and rewards

A special shop is open during the event. The latter extends until August 16 to give players time to take advantage of it. If we find the usual materials for ascent and elevation, Beidou is also present. In exchange for 1 Thunder Hail and 000 Thunder Crystals, the Queen of the Seas joins your team.

The shop composed of 2 currencies

Pass Quests and Missions

  • Battle Pass Mission:
    • Complete the Lightning Speed ​​Challenge with over 110 seconds remaining
    • Obtain 1 Hail of Thunder during the event
    • Obtain 2 Thunder Crystals during the event

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Crash of Thunder, Genshin Impact event guide
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