Chalk and Dragon, Genshin Impact event guide

Chalk and Dragon, Genshin Impact event guide

A new event is coming to the game for the launch of patch 1.2. Directly linked to Albedo and his discoveries in the Dosdragon Mountains, many dangers await you there. Chalk and Dragon comes to challenge you with its 4-act missions in Genshin Impact. A pop-up shop also opens its doors for the occasion.

Chalk and Dragon, Genshin Impact event guide

Chalk and Dragon Event Dates and Details

The event lasts 2 weeks, from Wednesday December 23 2020 au Tuesday January 5 2021. The acts composing it are not available from the launch, and certain conditions must be met to participate. You have to start by completing the quest Prologue – Act 2: “For a future without tears” and be at adventure level 20 at least.

The shop, meanwhile, is here for a bit longer, persisting until Tuesday, January 12. It contains many materials for your characters and weapons, but the currency is special. These are various essences obtained during the different acts of the event. But above all, it is possible to obtain a unique sword there: Croc suppurant.

  • First act – Wednesday, December 23, 4:00 a.m.
  • Second act “Chimerical stars” – Friday, December 25, 4 a.m.
  • Third act “Predestined stars” – Monday, December 28, 4:00 a.m.
  • Final act – Thursday, December 31, 2020, 4:00 a.m.
  • End date - Tuesday, January 5, 3:59 a.m.
  • Closing of the shop – Tuesday, January 12, 3:59 a.m.
  • Be adventure level 20
  • Completed the Prologue – Act 2 quest: “For a future without tears”

As a reminder the Croc suppurant gains effects that drastically increase his power at the end of each act. Additionally, he gains twice as much experience for the duration of the event.

Festering Fang, Sword of Legend

The big reward for the event is the Festering Fang, a one-handed sword tied to the history of the Dosdragon Mountains. In addition to offering a bonus of Energy Refill, this blade increases the critical rate and potency of elemental skills. It is given to players upon completing the first act of the event, and the story quest “Princeps Cretaceous – Act 1”.

Chalk and Dragon, Genshin Impact event guide

4 act

Le Croc suppurant has awakened a powerful enemy, and you must overcome it. You have 10 minutes to kill the resurrected Frozen Tree, respecting its different phases. After overcoming his protective barrier, you need to destroy his weak point at his feet to hurt him. Then comes the phase in which you have to trigger protective shields 3 times to prevent the tree from killing you with its storm.

3 act

These are now challenges that must be faced for the third act of the event. These ask you to survive the Great Cold while overcoming the 3 waves of enemies that throw themselves at you. Once again nothing complicated, but you still have to pass the various challenges to validate the stage.

2 act

In this second part of the event Chalk and Dragon you have to measure yourself against various challenges. These consist of protecting pylons and killing a certain number of enemies. If the task is not complicated, however, it must be repeated about twenty times to unlock all the missions and items in the shop.

1 act

For this beginning of the adventure you need to collect many fragments and frost crystals. A total of 120 fragments and 60 crystals are needed to activate the first property of Croc suppurant. This also ends this first introductory act. The frost to be collected is found on monsters, the fragments can be obtained from any enemy in the Dosdragon Mountains. The crystals are a little rarer, and you won't have to hesitate to kill powerful opponents to find them.

Course of the event

To participate in the event Chalk and Dragon You must first complete the Albedo story quest “Princeps Cretaceous – Act 1”. From then on, the first act can start. The sword Croc suppurant can be recovered and you have to go to the heart of the Drosdragon Mountains in which various missions are to be completed. On December 25, Act 2 begins, unlocking the challenge Field test. The latter allows you to collect iridescent essence to use in the shop. Then follows Act 3 from December 28 with the challenge of Dragon Pilgrimage and its fiery essences. The last act occurs on December 31 and allows you to confront the Miracle glacial. It should be noted that the rewards of this event do not require Original Resin.

Vanished Astral Pass quests and missions

event Chalk and Dragon contains two monthly missions for the Genshin Impact patch 1.2 battle pass. Both require being very advanced in the event and are therefore not feasible from the start. They're about completing the last act challenge, and refining Croc suppurant at rank 3.

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Chalk and Dragon, Genshin Impact event guide
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