All About Meteorite Debris in Genshin Impact

All About Meteorite Debris in Genshin Impact

The event of Vanished stars consists of three main acts, each containing its own missions. For the second part, the Chimerical Astres, it is a question of embarking on the recovery of meteorite debris scattered in Genshin Impact. But these will not reveal themselves to you unconditionally.

Each piece of debris secured rewards you with adventure experience, affinity, and usable supernova energy in the shop.

Debris, an additional daily challenge

Debris is a small challenge that adapts to your level and your desire to farm. Each pebble thus offers 3 levels of difficulty: a team level of 55, 65 or 75. The higher the level, the more rewards. You thus benefit from 10 minutes to overcome the monsters appearing in the area. Each monster killed charges a bar at the top of your screen signifying the progress of your recovery. But be careful, because leaving the delimited area drastically drops this bar.

All About Meteorite Debris in Genshin Impact

During this event, and more particularly during this act, you will have to spend a lot of resin. The recovery of each meteorite debris Costs 20 Original Resin in Genshin Impact. Some rewards are obviously the key, but this adds a mandatory daily activity. Because yes, if you want to complete the event of Vanished stars, you must complete and collect 30 debris. However, in addition to the advertised rewards, you advance the monthly battle pass mission asking to collect Meteorite Bark.

How to find the debris in Genshin Impact?

As soon as you complete the "Things Are Getting Worse" quest, you will not be able to see the location of the debris on the map. This is not an additional difficulty asking you to look for them. To find out where they are you have to go talk to Mona east of the statue of the Seven of Ventlevé.

All About Meteorite Debris in Genshin Impact

By choosing the "Astromancy" dialogue option, it tells you the location of 4 meteorite debris. You are however not limited to 4 debris per day, simply turn the Astromancer over to you and she will show you new locations.

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All About Meteorite Debris in Genshin Impact
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