Fortnite: Street Fighter returns with Cammy and Guile

Fortnite: Street Fighter returns with Cammy and Guile

It's time to choose a new fighter to represent you and hope to survive. Street Fighter returns to Fortnite with two new cosmetics: Cammy and Guile. Available from August 8 in stores, embody these mythical stars of the fighting game and take part in a unique competition to try to obtain the Cammy outfit for free.

Choose your fighter between Guile and Cammy

Each fighter is entitled to their own cosmetic pack in Fortnite, but it is also possible to take advantage of a bundle including Cammy and Guile. In addition to the various accessories provided, you get an exclusive loading screen. Take the opportunity to dress up in the colors of Capcom's game. These different packs are available in the in-game store from August 8th.

  • Date de sortie: Sunday August 8, 2021, 1:00 a.m. (French time)
  • Pack Cammy –
    • Long-lasting cammy
    • Variant outfit cammy tactical
    • Back accessory Dorsal aurora
  • Pack Guile –
    • Long-lasting guile
    • Variant outfit Holiday guide
    • Back accessory STONE.
  • Pack Cammy et Guile –
    • Previous loot set
    • Loading screen Second round
    • Draws Guile Slicer
    • Draws Cammy's Delta Red Knife
    • Glider Vector V-Trigger

Cammy Cup and Awards

But the arrival of new outfits in the colors of a popular license also marks the start of a thematic competition. On the occasion of this partnership with Capcom, the Coupe Cammy arrives to earn you a fighter's outfit. The latter is held on Thursday, August 5, and offers a duo challenge. The best teams in each region will receive various rewards.

  • Date of the competition: Thursday 5 August 2021
    • 10 games maximum
    • Get at least 8 points to get the Loading Screen Second round
    • Best Duo Awards –
      • Tenuous cammy
      • Back accessory Dorsal aurora
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