Fortnite: AIM Assist Legacy Nerf Aiming Aid

Fortnite: AIM Assist Legacy Nerf Aiming Aid

Criticized by many professional players, but also by streamers, the aiming aid will be changed. Better known as AIM Assist in Fortnite, its nerf is already programmed, and will delight many players. Players who prefer the joystick will therefore no longer be able to follow the movements of their enemies without having to move the joystick!

With the improvements we've made to Aim Assist, we plan to remove the “Use Legacy Look Controls” setting on March 13.

To use the new settings and maintain your legacy sensitivities, select “Copy from Legacy” in the Controller Options and toggle off “Use Legacy Look Controls."

— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) March 6, 2020

What is AIM Assist in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, as in any FPS, AIM Assist allows players using the controller to be more precise in their shots. Unfortunately, this aiming aid is clearly too present in the Battle Royale. This allows, without having to move, to track any movement. It has therefore been judged and criticized for many months by players playing with keyboards and mice.

After listening to the continued complaints from these players, Epic Games decided to take action. For this, an AIM Assist nerf is planned for March 2020 in Fortnite. Without further indication for the moment, this should radically change the gameplay on the controller. This change is also accompanied by a refurbishment of the sensitivity options and keys. You can change this directly from the game settings, with Legacy mode.

When will the Fortnite nerf go live?

As we said before, the nerf to AIM Assist in Fortnite will be effective from March 2020. To be more precise, a patch will be deployed on Friday March 13 to change the aiming aid. From this date, players wishing to play with the controller will be forced to relearn how to aim with limited help.

  • Patch date: Friday March 13 2020

This news is therefore something to delight many players. While the competitions for the year 2020 have not yet been announced, the secondary settings are highlighted. This allows Epic Games to address server issues, and level the playing field across all platforms.

Fortnite: AIM Assist Legacy Nerf Aiming Aid
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