Fortnite exits Early Access

Fortnite exits Early Access

Three years after its launch, Fortnite is finally coming out of its early access phase! The game is therefore now officially released, even if it does not change much for the Battle Royale or the Creative mode. A few things are therefore due to change, but this concerns above all the Save the World mode!

What changes for this end of Early Access?

With this release from early access, Fortnite sees its Save the World mode completed, with a full campaign. Updates will therefore be less frequent for this mode, but will not prevent new features. Thus, after the campaign, the adventures will be added to the content of the game. No release date planned for the moment, but these are new missions planned for the replayability of the game.

For their part, the Creative and Battle Royale modes do not undergo any change. Legal notices that say “Early Access” simply disappear from loading screens. This change is not yet implemented, but should be in the coming weeks. This is the only impact that this novelty has on these two game modes.

Save the World mode is therefore back in the spotlight, with many new features planned. And to celebrate, new packs are arriving in the store, with cosmetics shared between the different game modes! In addition, the price is also lowered, so that more players can enjoy it.

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