Where are the Fortnite Season 12 Helicopters?

Where are the Fortnite Season 12 Helicopters?

With Fortnite patch 12.20, new vehicles appeared for Season 12: Helicopters! Named Choppa, the latter can be found in different places on the map, and can transport up to 5 players. They don't always spawn in games, but offer great mobility. But where exactly can we find them?

Where are the helicopters located in Fortnite?

Where are the Fortnite Season 12 Helicopters?
Helicopters, or Choppa, can be found on “H” markings scattered around the map.

So you can find 6 helicopter locations in Fortnite Season 12, although they don't appear consistently. They are placed on the "H" markings on the ground, and allow you to travel in squads all over the map by taking advantage of the height.

What are helicopters used for?

In addition to being a fast means of transportation to get around the map, helicopters allow you to travel with a maximum of 5 people. They are particularly effective for rotations, but also for taking advantage of height. Thanks to the Choppa, you can fly away, and shoot all the people who are not attentive. They also make it easier to get to safety, despite their fairly slow take-off. All in all, helicopters are a great way to secure the top of the leaderboard, which is unfortunately going to make them very difficult to challenge.

For the moment, it is not yet known for sure if these vehicles will be available in Arena mode. However, it's a safe bet that this is the case, and therefore that players will make the most of it. A nerf is therefore possible in the coming weeks.

Where are the Fortnite Season 12 Helicopters?
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