Fortnite: Ariana Grande is the headliner of the Rift Tour

Fortnite: Ariana Grande is the headliner of the Rift Tour

Announced on July 29, Fortnite's big summer event is becoming clearer with the announcement of its headliner. And since Epic Games sees things big, it is none other than Ariana Grande who is present for the Rift Tour. Challenges, cosmetics and rewards await players in addition to concerts. But this experience seeks to intertwine the universe of the singer with that of the battle royale, offering unique moments to discover.

Excuse us, Ariana is coming!

Fortnite Presents the Rift Tour featuring @ArianaGrande kicks off August 6 at 6 PM ET #RiftTour

- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 1, 2021

Dates of concerts of the Ariana Grande au Rift Tour

The singer is present from August 7 to 9 on Fortnite, with a mode dedicated to her performances. No death or war possible in the Rift Tour so everyone can fully enjoy the music. During her 5 performances, a pre-show will mix popular songs by the singer with iconic elements of Fortnite. These experiences allow for greater immersion during concerts.

  • Performance dates and times –
    • Saturday August 7, 0:00 a.m. (French time)
    • Saturday August 7, 20:00 a.m. (French time)
    • Sunday, August 8, 6:00 a.m. (French time)
    • Sunday, August 8, 16:00 a.m. (French time)
    • Monday, August 9, 0:00 a.m. (French time)

Event Quests and Rewards

As with any event, a series of quests await players in order to award them rewards. The first wave of quests started on July 29, and lasts until August 8. It is possible to obtain a loading screen, an aerosol and an emoticon. But all Rift Tour participants also receive a small bonus, with the exclusive umbrella Cuddly Cloudpiercer.

Play as Ariana Grande during the Rift Tour and after

Of course, Ariana Grande takes advantage of her appearance in the game to also offer a cosmetic bearing her image. New to the series Icons, it is available in stores from August 5 at 2 a.m. (French time), accompanied by the Piggy Smallz back accessory.

A thematic month for the Fortnite Club

If the Rift Tour is Fortnite's summer event, it stands to reason that the Fortnite Club is also taking advantage of the occasion. The month of August is therefore marked by music, and the rewards have been updated. This is the opportunity to obtain an umbrella, a loading screen and a themed banner in the colors of the event.

  • Umbrella Rainbow Cloudpiercer
  • Loading screen sky at the top
  • Thematic banner Rift Tower
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