Fortnite Season 10 Storm Race Challenges

Fortnite Season 10 Storm Race Challenges

The Fortnite Season 10 Stormrunners challenges are available from Thursday September 19, find out what this new week has in store for you, and what you will have to achieve to get your rewards.

Fortnite Season 10 Storm Race Challenges

Normal Mode Stormrunner Challenges

  • Gain life in the Storm (100)
  • Complete a lap (1)
  • Survive Storm phases (10)
  • Visit the center of the Tempest (1)
  • Land at Polar Peak, a volcano and on top of a hill with a circle of trees (1)
  • Complete a time trial east of Pleasant Park or southwest of Salty Springs (1)
  • Dance at different telescopes (3)

Stormrunner Prestige Challenges

  • Damage an opponent in the Storm (1)
  • Damage opponents while gliding (100)
  • Damage opponents after the first circle of the Storm has closed (500)
  • Visit the center of multiple Storm circles in a single match (3)
  • Deal any amount of fall damage to an opponent (1)
  • Complete a race against the clock north of Lucky Landing or east of Snobby Shores (1)
  • Dance at different telescopes in a single match (2)

At the end of these challenges, you will obtain: the “Gameplan” back bling in normal mode, and in Prestige mode the “Cerulean Blue” style for the Eternal Traveler.

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