Fortnite: How to play on Dust 2?

Fortnite: How to play on Dust 2?

Since the arrival of the Creative mode on Fortnite, many players have proven to be true artists. Whether it's creating maps from scratch, or recreating something they've seen elsewhere, some designers stand out. This time, it's Team Evolve that gets noticed again. How to unlock and play Operation Destruction Dust 2 mode in Fortnite?

How to play Dust 2 on Fortnite?

Nothing really new here, to play Operation Destruction mode on the Dust 2 map on Fortnite, you need a code. The latter must have entered a portal in Creative mode in order to enter it. Once done, all you have to do is dive in, to play it with up to 16 players.

  • Code Dust 2 par Team Evolve : [9908-4675-7557]

What is Operation Destruction mode?

Better known as Search & Destroy, this new game mode appeared with Fortnite patch 11.50. This is a very classic FPS game mode, since it is directly inspired by the way Counter Strike works. An attacking team must attack the point of the bomb, while the defensive team must protect this point.

  • Operation Destruction rules:
    • 2 teams of 6 players compete;
    • The game ends after a team has won 6 rounds;
    • The attacking team must plant the bomb or kill their opponents to win;
    • The defensive team must destroy the bomb or kill their opponents to win;
    • At the end of each round, kill or defuse the objective, you earn gold;
    • Gold can be spent at the beginning of each round to buy a weapon, shield and constructions.

You can now relive your most frenzied Counter Strike games directly from Fortnite! With this, you also have the option of building walls to try and win your skirmishes, making duels even more stressful.

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