Fortnite Daily Shop

Fortnite Daily Shop

Find the shop of the day in Fortnite. Its content is updated daily by Epic Games! New skins, emotes or other cosmetic elements are thus available for purchase every day. If you don't like today's selection, don't hesitate to come back tomorrow. The article is automatically updated every day at 2 a.m., at the same time as the arrival of the new store.

Friday, May 26 Fortnite Store

When is the Fortnite store updated?

The Fortnite store is updated daily. Every day, at 2 a.m. French time, its content changes. You will then find a new selection of emotes, skins and other cosmetic elements. Some skins, often associated with events, are time-limited. You will then only have one chance to acquire them. For the rest, you will have to check the shop every day, hoping to wait for them to return.

Also remember that every week, Epic Games makes one or more free games available to you on its platform. The selection changes every Thursday, so don't hesitate to go there every week to add the titles to your library. During sales, you can even get one free game per day!

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