Fortnite: Cashprize and new format for the FNCS 2021

Fortnite: Cashprize and new format for the FNCS 2021

If we still have no news about the Fortnite World Cup, the Fortnite Champion Series continues for this new year. The FNCS 2021 thus sees its cashprize increase, but also its format evolve. Competitions will thus punctuate the year and the seasons with its prizes around the world.

The format for FNCS 2021

In order to offer a more optimal group experience, competitions are now played in Trios. The FNCS lasts several weeks and allows all players to complete the challenge. The platform barrier is removed, with the exception of mobiles. PlayStation, Xbox or PC players can therefore compete against each other. An additional qualifying week is added to make the transition to the final smoother. The top three performing teams in each season qualify directly for the next FNCS season.

The first season of FNCS 2021 begins in February with Season 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2. Players can compete during 6 weeks of competition to win the jackpot and access to the FNCS of Chapter 2 Season 6.

  • Qualifications 1 : 12 at 14 February
  • Qualifications 2: 19 at 21 February
  • Qualifications In 3: 25 at 28 February

Qualifying phases


Channel 1



Channel 2

1 500
first teams

Channel 3

first teams


Channel 4

first teams

Semi final


1 group
(33 teams)

Top 8 qualify

2 group
(33 teams)

Top 8 qualify


3 group
(33 teams)

Top 8 qualify

4 group
(33 teams)

Top 8 qualify

Return sleeve

The teams placed between 9th and 16th place in each semi-final group compete in a consolation pool. The winning team in this round qualifies for the final.


The top 33 teams from each region compete over 2 days in a total of 12 games. The team with the most points at the end of these games wins the Ax of Champions. The winners and the two podium teams are also qualified for the finals of the following FNCS.

Awards and prizes

The year 2021 sees the endowment of the FNCS amounting to 20 million dollars for all the continents. 12 million is dedicated to the four seasons of FNCS, and another 8 for special competitions. Each region thus sees its endowment change according to its activity in the competitions of the game.


1 350 000 $

North America

690 000 $

Amerique du Sud

300 000 $


300 000 $


150 000 $


120 000 $


90 000 $

These figures are not fixed and can be changed with each new season to correspond to the reality of attendance of the game.

Mid-year and end-of-year competitions are also planned. The latter will see the best FNCS players from each region compete in different formats. They will also battle for the remaining 8 million cash prizes in the prize pool.

Other competitions

Of course, the FNCS is not the only competition that will punctuate the year. More specific tournaments can also take place, such as the Pelé Cup. But regular competitions are to be expected, such as the Solo Saturdays, Cash cups in trio or others.

Fortnite: Cashprize and new format for the FNCS 2021
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