Live stream Genshin Impact patch 1.5, 16 avril

Live stream Genshin Impact patch 1.5, 16 avril

A new live stream takes place on Friday April 16, 2021 to discuss Genshin Impact, and more specifically patch 1.5. This is particularly the opportunity to discuss the changes and new features planned for the occasion. If we do not yet know what to expect, the announcement of a new character is predictable, but we can also hope to see a new area. The live is held from 18:00 p.m. (French time) on YouTube.

Genshin Impact Live Stream Summary

  • After unveiling the patch 1.5 trailer earlier today, the live launches with the voice of Zonghli as a guest.
  • A quick reminder of what patch 1.5 contains:
    • many gameplay tweaks
    • Yanfei, 4-star Pyro caster
    • Eula, 5-Star Cryo Fighter
    • new weekly boss
    • Hypostase Cryo
    • continuation (and end?) of the story of Zonghli
    • construction site for the Traveler
  • Eula has an elemental skill that allows her to slice enemies in front of her and deal Cryo damage. Her elemental rampage causes a sword to appear following her, charging up with each attack it makes, before exploding dealing Cryo damage.
  • Yanfei is a mage and therefore inflicts Pyro damage passively. His elemental skill lets him summon flames that deal area-of-effect Pyro damage. Her unleash, on the other hand, sends out a jet of flame that spreads to nearby enemies and grants her the maximum number of Scarlet Seals she can summon.
  • Eula and Yanfei are related, and it's up to travelers to find out how.
  • The first banner of patch 1.5 (from April 28 to May 18 approximately) is dedicated to Zhongli. The second highlights Eula.
  • A new teleportation point is revealed, just on the border between Liyue and Mondstadt to link the two more easily.
  • The second part of the escapades arrives, allowing to continue the romance with all the characters, in addition to introducing Diona.
  • There are 3 possible places to install your house in the pot of serenity. A reputation is linked to it to unlock all possible decorations.
  • Energy Elemental Amplifier is the main event of this patch 1.5.

What can we expect from patch 1.5

This new April live stream will introduce Genshin Impact's next major update: patch 1.5. The new character(s) should therefore be revealed there, as well as the major events of the patch. A new piece of history is also to be expected, without too many details being given. It is also possible that new getaways will be announced.

But we also expect the arrival of some novelties that would have leaked. The Traveler would thus be entitled to his own house in Teyvat, to be decorated according to your wishes. A new weekly boss would also be in the game, probably the last of the first two regions. Inazuma should therefore not arrive for patch 1.5.

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