Invocation des Sept, le TCG de Genshin Impact

Invocation des Sept, le TCG de Genshin Impact

As announced during the live dedicated to version 3.1 of the game, the TCG of Teyvat finally becomes accessible to the Traveler. Slated for Patch 3.3, Summon Seven is a popular card game in the world of Genshin Impact. A comprehensive collection representing some of the most illustrious inhabitants of the world or its places awaits.

A TCG designed above all for fun

Since its launch in September 2020, the absence of PvP in Genshin Impact has been felt. And if the TCG is the perfect opportunity to integrate some, it will have no impact on the card game. We are above all in Teyvat to have fun, and it is for this reason that the challenges between players do not bring any reward. The only way to progress and get new cards is by challenging other duelists embodied by PnJs (non-player characters). Everything is intended to be open to all, and easy to access in its mechanics.

After reaching Adventure Rank 32 and completing the game mode intro quest, the TCG reveals itself. In the latter, each player has a deck made up of action cards and characters. Among them, only one can be set as active, making the use of his skills possible. But to be able to use them, you must first roll dice to collect elemental energy.

The Basics of Summoning the Seven

The parts of the Invocation of the Seven are not very complicated to understand. At the start of a game, each player draws 5 cards, with the possibility of changing as many as necessary once. When the cards are confirmed, it is the turn of three characters to introduce themselves to the player. One of them must be defined as the one that will be active during the game. Once this preparatory phase is complete, all that remains is to dive into the deep end.

Course of a game

At the start of each round, the players draw 8 elemental dice on which the elements forming the world of Teyvat are drawn. If the draw is not convincing, it is possible to re-roll as many dice as necessary a second time. These elements act as action points, and determine how a turn will play out.

Once in the action phase, the opponents take turns one after the other. With the elements drawn by the dice, it is possible to use the skill of the active character, exchange the latter or play cards. It is also possible to change the element of a die in exchange for a card to be discarded. When all of a player's actions are complete, that player can end their turn, leaving the field open to their opponent. At the end of his turn, a new round begins, and a new roll of the dice takes place.

Complete your collection and claim your rewards

Above all, it's worth remembering that Invocation of the Seven is a fun-oriented card game. Matches between players do not give access to any rewards, and do not allow you to enlarge your collection. Duel rewards are earned in available matches across regions. A series of weekly challenges also await players, in addition to being able to invite their characters into challenges from the Serenitheater.

But at launch, it's the TCG manual that offers the best rewards. In addition to Primogems, the manual introduces a new currency, Lucky Coins. These are spent in a special shop created for the occasion and allow you to obtain many things. In addition to providing access to new cards, the store reveals dynamic card backs and cosmetics for the game mode.

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