Genshin Impact: Patch 3.0, Dawn Granting Thousand Roses

Genshin Impact: Patch 3.0, Dawn Granting Thousand Roses

After having surveyed the archipelago of Inazuma far and wide, it is time for the Traveler to turn to other lands. With patch 3.0, Genshin Impact unveils a new game region: Sumeru. The opportunity to discover new characters, but above all to introduce the Dendro element and new elemental combinations.

Patch 3.0 release date

Genshin Impact patch 3.0 is scheduled for August 24th. The servers will be shut down the Tuesday before the update. This maintenance will introduce all the new features of the patch. The minimum compensation of 300 Primogems is always in order.

  • Patch 3.0 release date – Wednesday, August 24, 5:00 a.m.

To learn more

In this new version, no less than 4 different banners are present. For the first part of patch 3.0, Tighnari will be a headliner, accompanied by Zonghli who returns to Genshin Impact. These two banners highlight Collei. The banners of Ganyu and Kokomi will then follow, which will offer increased chances of obtaining Dori.

  • Battle Pass –
    • New Update, New Battle Pass, More Rewards
  • Tighnari- 5 stars
    • Bow Wield
    • Controls the Dendro element
  • Collei – 4 stars
    • Bow Wield
    • Controls the Dendro element
  • Dory- 4 stars
    • Wield the Claymore
    • Controls the Electro element

Changes and novelties to expect

Obviously, with such a big new version, there are many new features for the patch. It includes in particular the continuation of the main quest, new weapons and artefacts or even events. But it's obviously Sumeru and its openness that scores here, with huge new lands to explore. Added to the long list of bosses, dungeons and puzzles associated with these places.

Sumeru and its surroundings

  • New monsters
  • Electro regisvine
    • Repeatable World Boss
  • Jadeplume Terrorshroom
    • Repeatable World Boss
  • New Artifact Sets –
    • Deepwood Memories
      • Increases Dendro damage
      • Reduces enemy Dendro resistance
    • Gilded Dreams
      • Increases Elemental Mastery
      • Increases attack after an elemental reaction
  • New domain of Sérénithéière
  • Adding accessories and decorations


  • Graven Innocence –
    • Major event
    • Help a merchant make new toys
    • Allows you to obtain Primogems
  • Fayze Trials –
    • Battle Event
    • Defeat enemies in a dungeon within the time limit
    • Allows you to obtain Primogems
  • Tablet Analytics –
    • Collection event
    • Fight monsters to collect data
    • Allows you to obtain Primogems
  • Lost riches –
    • Collection event
    • Assist Ulman in his search for treasures
    • Allows you to obtain Primogems
  • Reflux of energy lines –
    • Progress event
    • The cost of power lines is reduced
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