Genshin Impact DL download issue and bug

Genshin Impact DL download issue and bug

A real phenomenon, miHoYo's gacha has a few minor problems on the PC side. Since launching its pre-download, Genshin Impact has suffered from latency during DLs. This issue only seems to affect desktop gamers, leaving PS4 or mobile owners free to download the game whenever they want. How to speed up the game download, and is it even possible?

Download too slow, how to solve the problem?

Many have had to face it and many others will also have to go through this stage. The abnormally long download of Genshin Impact does not come from you or your network but rather from the game. However, no official communication has been made on the subject, leaving us in the dark about this concern. But if we do not know why this slow download exists, we know that there is a way to fix it. More or less. The results are rather uncertain.

By regularly pausing the download, it would be possible to unblock the counter. Thus, just by pressing a button twice, the download goes from 0,27Mb/s to 3Mb/s. The operation of this strategy is not more understandable than the slow download however. It will sometimes be necessary to pause several times in a row before the operation works.

The best way to download the game without worries is still to wait. Admittedly, the download is very long, but you don't have to worry about it. The issue should be fixed in a future update.

Unable to install and download game

You may be faced with another situation: the pure and simple impossibility of downloading the game. If you are in France, you should not have this kind of problem. But if you live in a country like Belgium, where a law against casino games (gacha, lootbox, any kind of random loot against real money) then the game may be blocked by the country.

Belgium is however considered to be one of the countries where the game is available, but it remains impossible to download it. You must then create a new account located in a different country to download it to PS4. For the mobile version no solution is yet possible.

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Genshin Impact DL download issue and bug
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