Top Players List Meta FUT Icon, FIFA 23 Icon Cards

Top Players List Meta FUT Icon, FIFA 23 Icon Cards

Discover here our detailed list of the best Meta FUT Icon players for FIFA 23 icon cards. The idea is therefore to give you all the information to make a choice in the construction of your team. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game. Note that the Icon cards have several versions on FIFA 23, so we will tell you which versions to play. In addition, we will list below these cards there, elements with respect to the other versions.

Update : Updated from Sunday April 23 at 2 a.m. The update includes the Titans Team 2 Trophy Icon cards.

In this section: display 1 List of the best Icon cards for FUT on FIFA 23 2 The best Icon version goalkeepers 3 The best Icon defenders in FIFA 23 3.1 Paolo Maldini, FUT Birthday 3.2 Javier Zanetti, TOTY 3.3 Cafu, World Cup 3.4 Nemanja Vidic, TOTY 3.5 Roberto Carlos, Prime/Trophy Titans 3.6 Marcel Desailly, FUT Birthday 3.7 Alessandro Nesta, TOTY 3.8 Carlos Alberto, Prime 3.9 Laurent Blanc, Trophy Titans 3.10 Philipp Lahm, Trophy Titans 3.11 Rio Ferdinand, Trophy Titans 3.12 Gianluca Zambrotta, Prime 4 FIFA 23 Icon 4.1 Ruud Gullit, TOTY 4.2 Lothar Matthäus, FUT Birthday 4.3 Zinédine Zidane, Trophy Titans 4.4 Patrick Vieira, Trophy Titans 4.5 Xavi, Trophy Titans 4.6 Claude Makélélé, TOTY 4.7 Roy Keane, Trophy Titans 4.8 Frank Lampard, Trophy Titans 4.9 Michael Essien, Trophy Titans 4.10 Gennaro Gattuso, FUT Birthday 4.11 Emmanuel Petit, World Cup/Prime 4.12 Xabi Alonso, TOTY 5 Best Attacking Midfielder Cards in FIFA 23 5.1 Kaka, FUT Birthday 5.2 George Best, FUT Birthday 5.3 Alessandro Del Piero, Trophy Titans 5.4 David Beckham, TOTY 5.5 Rivaldo, FUT Birthday 5.6 Robert Pires, TOTY 5.7 Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Trophy Titans 5.8 Roberto Baggio, Prime 6 Top Forwards and Goalscorers FIFA 23 Icon 6.1 Ronaldo, Trophy Titans 6.2 Ferenc Puskas, FUT Birthday 6.3 Johan Cruyff, Prime 6.4 Pelé, Prime 6.5 Ronaldinho, TOTY 6.6 Jarzinho, FUT Birthday 6.7 Eusebio, FUT Birthday 6.8 Eric Cantona, FUT Birthday 6.9 Kenny Dalglish, Trophy Titans 6.10 Samuel Eto'o, Prime 6.11 Alan Shearer, FUT Birthday 6.12 Wayne Rooney, FUT Birthday 6.13 Fernando Torres, Trophy Titans 6.14 Raul, Trophy Titans 6.15 Gerd Müller, TOTY 6.16 Mané Garrincha, Prime 6.17 Thierry Henry, Prime 6.18 Luis Figo, World Cup 6.19 Hugo Sanchez, TOTY

Do not hesitate to ask us questions in the comments, about a player, about a special version of a card or to have an opinion in order to improve your team.

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List of the best icon cards for FUT on FIFA 23

Here we list the best FIFA 23 icon cards according to their main position (the one where the player is the most Meta). If a player is not listed, it means that he is not playable, whatever his version. Again, if only one version is listed, it's because it's the only one of real interest in the game.

The best goalkeepers in Icon version

The role of goalkeeper being quite specific (no player will have the same feedback on a goalkeeper), we simply preferred to list our ranking here. Just know that in our eyes, Van Der Sar is way above of the other cards, in focus on its basis is for us, better than the majority of the Prime cards of the other Guardians.

  • Van Der Sar TOTY
  • Peter Schmeichel Prime
  • Lev Yashin Prime
  • Casillas Trophy Titans
  • Petr Cech Prime

The best Icon defenders in FIFA 23

We will list here the best defenders, mixing DC, DD and DG. Thus, the ranking is intended to present you with the best icon cards without taking into account the position, in order to be able to make a choice on a DCE or an investment.

Paolo Maldini, FUT Birthday

What about Maldini? The Italian defender is one of the best icon cards in FIFA 23 due to a unique physique and great defensive AI. If you played against Maldini, you know his strengths: an ideal defensive position, a unique physique that makes him very powerful and an omnipresence in play that makes him very unpleasant to face. These points being linked to the map, all versions of Maldini are playable. Better, his Base card (aligned in DG but playable in DC) still remains in February, a very good central defender card. Note that his FUT Birthday received a big gain in physics but in fact, his unique physics makes him very powerful in duels.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime > Base > Mid

Recommended Style: Ombre or Pillar

Javier Zanetti, TOTY

If most of the DG/DD in Icon cards remain unprofitable investments considering their price compared to special cards, Zanetti TOTY is an exception. With secondary MC and DG positions, the Argentine is extremely versatile for a team. Best of all, with high/high yield and great stats, the ex-Inter player is definitely playable in these positions. Thus, you pay for a playable card in MC, MDC, DG and DD at a very high level, allowing you to always be able to evolve your formation.

Versions : TOTY > Prime

Recommended Style: Ombre

Best Position: MC/MDC

Cafu, World Cup

Here we will be clear, Cafu Prime or World Cup are extremely similar in stats. The Brazilian is one of the few full-backs to have such comprehensive stats with a good level of strength, speed and defence. Thus, it is possible to play Cafu with the Shadow style instead of Pillar, increasing his defense even more. But if he is effective defensively, Cafu also shines in attack with a solid game on the ball. It must be said that the card has in particular the outer line of the foot, a huge plus for the offensive game.

Versions : WC = Prime > Mid > Base

Recommended Style: Pillar or Ombre

Nemanja Vidic, TOTY

We often talk about physical defenders and presence in the box, but few cards are as dominant as Vidic TOTY. While most of his cards aren't really viable, the former Man United player is totally transformed in this TOTY version. With a huge boost (especially in speed and dribbling), the Serb really turns into one of the very best FIFA 23 icon cards in his position. If his passing game is relatively mediocre (like most DC icons), his defensive presence is ideal in duo with a more agile and flexible defender like Koundé or Militao.

Versions : TOTY > Prime

Recommended Style: Ombre

Roberto Carlos, Prime/Trophy Titans

For the majority of players over the age of 20, Roberto Carlos is more than just an icon card. It is a symbol of power and speed. Thus, when you buy the Brazilian DG, you pay a high price in exchange for taking malicious pleasure in destroying the opposing bar on your free kicks! It's therefore not a very profitable card given its price (a lot of DGs will do as well as it defensively) but its effectiveness in play is not limited to a very good defensive AI. Roberto Carlos also projects very well and some of our best goals this year have come using his cards. Especially since the appearance of the Trophy Titans has lowered its price on all versions, making it a little more profitable.

Versions : Trophy Titans = Prime > TOTY > Base

Recommended Style: Pillar

Marcel Desailly, FUT Birthday

Although the upgrade between Prime and FUT Birthday is limited in stats, the result is clearly better. Marcel Desailly is an extremely physical player in DC despite being smaller than some other players in the same position. However, this size (1m85) improves his agility in game a little, even allowing him to be a rather decent MDC despite relatively limited dribbling stats. Another good point for the world champion is the presence of very good traits via sliding tackles and powerful header. Overall, Desailly is a good example of a strong, all-terrain DC, with the added bonus of good connections and a secondary MDC position to easily fit him into your team.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime > Mid (MDC) > Base

Recommended Style: Ombre

Alessandro Nesta, TOTY

Wow what an evolution for Nesta which, via this TOTY version, finally becomes playable. It must be said that its other versions generally lack speed. Here, the Italian player is a perfect combo of speed and defensive stats. Better, it is illustrated by a slightly more correct passing game than most of the defender icon cards. In the end, even if he is less dominant in duels than players like Vidic, Ferdinand or Maldini, Nesta TOTY is one of the best defender cards in FIFA 23.

Recommended Style: Ombre

Carlos Alberto, First

Again, the interest of Carlos Alberto lies in his versatility. Indeed, although having a high/medium yield, the Brazilian has a secondary position in DC. Thus, it is possible to use it in this position, although it will be a little more effective on the wing. Therefore, although versatile, we consider that its profitability is limited if you are not the type to change devices often. Conversely, in a situation where you often switch (in game as for the collective), this flexibility of position will be a big plus.

Versions : Prime > Mid

Recommended Style: Pillar or Ombre

Laurent Blanc, Trophy Titans

As for its Prime or World Cup versions, Laurent Blanc Trophy Titans is mainly illustrated by a rather "long" physique which allows it to intercept a lot of balls. Effective in DC, it is on the other hand in MDC that he is considered the best, in a device where he will be supported by another smaller defensive MC Kanté style or two MC box-to-box. Indeed in this position, White's power and size will be significant assets, especially as his Lengthy running style makes him particularly fast in his interventions. This use is facilitated by the secondary positions in MC, MDC and MOC, making it particularly easy to place in your FUT formation. In short, a real bargain and one of the best FIFA 23 Icon cards at this price point.

Versions : Trophy Titans > WC > Prime

Recommended Style: Ombre

Philipp Lahm, Trophy Titans

As for Zanetti, Lahm Prime is illustrated by the presence of the secondary MDC station. With a high/high performance, a very agile physique in play, the sliding tackles trait and good stats, the German player turns out to be a very very good MDC like a Kanté. Thus, in a formation with a fairly physical MDC (Vieira, Casemiro, Sissoko way), Lahm is the ideal complement. In addition, the latter is fully capable of moving on the wing, where his fluidity will be a strength both in defense and in attack.

Versions : Trophy Titans 93 > Trophy Titans 92 = Prime

Recommended Style: Pillar

Best position: MDC, DD

Rio Ferdinand, Trophy Titans

Rio Ferdinand is one of his very physical but generally not very agile DCs on FUT. However, this Trophy Titans version came to bring a huge boost in agility and balance (+12 and +15 respectively) compared to the Prime. Thus, Ferdinand TT turns into a real Meta defender. Be careful however, at this stage of the game, the English player is still far from the best options on FIFA 23 due to a rather low passing level and an average/average performance which sometimes reduces his intensity on the field.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime

Recommended Style: Pillar or Ombre

Gianluca Zambrotta, Prime

Like Roberto Carlos or any DG/DD icon card, Zambrotta is clearly not profitable given its price. Indeed, a lot of good special cards will be just as effective, or less effective but ten times cheaper. However, the Italian player is illustrated by a 4-5 in stars and the possibility of evolving in DD and DG, which allows great versatility. Also, his defensive stats are very good, which could make him a solid DC in a 3-5-2.

Versions : Prime > WC > Base > Mid

Recommended Style: Ombre

Honorable Mentions: Ashley Cole TOTY, Franco Trophy Titans, Ronald Koeman FUT Birthday, Fabio Cannavaro Prime, Bobby Moore WC, Carles Puyol WC, Sol Campbell Prime, Fernando Hierro Prime.

FIFA 23's Best Icon Mid Cards

The idea here is to start with box-to-box and defensive central midfielders and list CAMs in the next category. Indeed, all too often players will use MOCs in MC and hope to be able to defend with them.

Ruud Gullit

What about Gullit? The Dutch player is one of the very best icon cards in FIFA 23 thanks to a unique physique and an absolutely incredible AI. Thus, Gullit is omnipresent on the field and his power makes the difference both in attack and in defense. In addition, with a 4-5 star and excellent offensive stats, the latter can be a real threat in attack. In the end, whether in TOTY, Prime or Mid (avoid the Base card), Gullit will be effective in MC, MDC or even MOC depending on your cards. A real monster on FUT.

Versions : TOTY > Prime > Mid

Recommended Style: Ombre or Pillar

Best Position: Rising MC

Lothar Matthaeus, FUT Birthday

A real monster and an icon card that, despite its price, is much more profitable than players like Gullit, Zidane and co. The German player is a tank in midfield, with a box-to-box presence rarely unmatched. It must be said that his high/high output and his physical and defensive stats are really put to good use in a MC/MDC role. Note that his offensive stats are quite good, but we would find it a bit of a shame to use him in MOC as he is strong in MC/MDC. Similarly, DC use would be ruined, especially given its small size.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime > WC > Mid

Recommended Style: Shadow or Pillar (for FUT Birthday)

Zinedine Zidane, Titans Trophy

Although we could place it in MOC, Zidane Trophy Titans is also and above all illustrated in MC which rises, even more than the Prime version. The legendary French player is extremely complete on FIFA, with 5-5 stars and very high stats at all levels. Thus, it will be usable in MC, MOC or even in MDC (on a device with two MDCs) according to your needs. It must be said that the defensive boost of the Trophy Titans version allows it to be placed much lower than its other cards, a huge plus if you are looking for flexibility. On the other hand, be careful because Zidane is one of his icons where the player's reputation has too much impact on the price of the card compared to its power in play.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime > WC > Mid > Base

Recommended style: Pillar (Trophy Titans in Lengthy) or Shadow or even Motor

Best Position: Box-to-Box for Trophy Titans, MC going up for others

Patrick Vieira, Trophy Titans

Why Vieira is one of the best defensive cards in FIFA 23? The former Gunner has a very long physique, which, when combined with his defensive AI, can intercept passes in midfield. So it's very simple, whether in MDC alone or in a duo, Vieira is really an incredible card in play. However, be careful, because if the defensive aspect is incredible, the French player will be a little limited ball at the foot, although the weak (now 3-4) foot boost of the Trophy Titans version is a very good boost.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime = WC > Mid

Recommended Style: Ombre or Pillar

Xavi, Trophy Titans

A card that received a very big upgrade with this Trophy Titans promo, Xavi is now much more Meta although still odd. Indeed, the Spanish environment is a hybrid between a box-to-box and a MOC, what is generally called “a rising environment”. This term qualifies a player who is rather offensive in his style but probably not enough to regularly finish an action in front of goal. So, Xavi is still that super nimble card, quite mobile and a very good passer but the gain in defense and physicality brings him closer and closer to a box-to-box role. However, we consider that he remains better in MC which goes up, in a device with three circles.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime

Recommended Style: Ombre or Pillar

Best Position: Rising MC

Claude Makélélé, TOTY

Generally quite mediocre on FUT (with the exception of its Prime version), Claude Makélélé really stands out as a Meta option in the TOTY version. Fast, agile but quite present physically speaking despite a small size, the French Icon is a kind of Kanté on the ground. In addition, his level of passing is quite good, allowing him to quickly restart the game. Thus, he is the ideal complement to a larger and more physical MDC, such as Vieira or Laurent Blanc WC. Note interesting secondary positions, which makes it easy to incorporate it into a FUT training.

Versions : TOTY > Prime

Recommended Style: Ombre

Roy Keane, Trophy Titans

Generally unplayable in FUT mode, Roy Keane finally arrives in a playable version with this Trophy Titans. Better, the former Man United is one of the best icons in MDC of FIFA 23 thanks to a great presence in game. His physical impact in duels and his IA defense make him an excellent defensive midfielder, solo as in duo . Also, Keane is more agile than he looks and his passing game is more than decent. Finally, he is naturally Lengthy, a big plus for using Ombre on him.

Versions : Trophy Titans

Recommended Style: Ombre

Frank Lampard, Trophy Titans

Frank Lampard TT is a very complete option that will surprise many players as its previous versions were weak. Indeed, with high offensive and defensive stats (especially in physicality) and a 4-4 star rating, the English player is capable of playing in all midfield positions. However, with an average defensive performance, it is more interesting to use him as a second defensive midfielder rather than as the main one. Note that the 93 version is a good step below the 94, its mobility being much less important.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime

Recommended Style: Pillar (for Lengthy)

Michael Essien, Trophy Titans

An MDC par excellence, Michael Essien is really the type of card whose value has dropped following the change of chemistry on FIFA 23. Indeed, his nation will not bring points for your team, which explains why it is less wanted. than before. However in play, the former Chelsea player remains very effective with a good defensive presence in midfield. Note that in next-gen, he is much preferred with Pillar (he is Lengthy, the speed is not too important) for the gain in aggressiveness and strength, which will increase his effectiveness in duels.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime > Base

Recommended Style: Pillar (Lengthy), or Shadow (current-gen)

Gennaro Gattuso, FUT Birthday

Very little playable in its previous versions, Gattuso discovers a little playing time thanks to this DCE FUT Birthday. The Italian player is now the prototype of the mover MDC: a strong physique, good physical stats, a Lengthy style (we highly recommend) and a high level of defensive stats. Besides, the Italian player has a good defensive AI, which puts him ideally in the midfield. On the other hand, his 5 stars for technical gestures are useless given his agility, especially since his passing level is relatively average. This is also the main weakness of this card since level recovery, Gattuso will not be very effective if your opponent presses a lot.

Versions : FUT Birthday

Recommended Style: Pillar

Emmanuel Petit, World Cup/Prime

Emmanuel Petit is a rather strange Icon: on paper, he seems rather generic with nothing very impressive in his stats. However in game, his defensive AI and his fairly ideal size in MDC (1m85 not too tall so quite physical and relatively agile) make him a very solid card. In addition, his secondary position in DG gives flexibility to your training. Note that it is possible to choose between Lengthy via Anchor and controlled for Shadow, a choice to be made in particular according to how you defend and your tactical device.

Versions : WC > Prime > Base

Recommended Style: Ombre or Pillar

Xabi Alonso, TOTY

Not very playable in its initial versions, Xabi Alonso is illustrated on the Meta level thanks to a much superior TOTY version. Thus, the Spanish player takes advantage of a huge boost (especially in speed) to become interesting in box to box or even in a formation with three MCs (and two MDCs). Indeed, if his stats are complete, his ball game is his main strength. Therefore, evolving it into a pure MDC is possible but we have had more success in a more offensive position.

Versions : TOTY

Recommended Style: Ombre or Pillar

Best Position: Rising MC

Honorable Mentions: Steven Gerrard Trophy Titans, Michael Ballack Prime, Bastian Schweinsteiger Prime, Juan Veron FUT Birthday, Andrea Pirlo Prime, Frank Rijkaard Prime/Mid, Clarence Seedorf Mid.

The best attacking midfielder cards in FIFA 23

Among our list of the best attacking midfielders Icon of FIFA 23. We will therefore note all the players whose IN-GAME position should be MOC. Thus, a BU rather playable in MOC will be listed here while some AT/MOC will be listed in BU if they correspond a little more to this position.

Important: For us, the best MOC in Icon cards without budget limit are Pelé and Ronaldinho but these two players are still a little more efficient (and profitable) in BU. Thus, we only place here the players who behave the best in MOC without being able to really be played in BU.

Kaka, FUT Birthday

While we have always found his different versions disappointing, Kaka finally has the right to a card worthy of his legend. Indeed, this FUT Birthday has a big boost in dribbling (especially in balance) but also on the rest of its stats. Better, the 5-5 in stars adds more versatility to this card. From then on, Kaka becomes more flexible although still a little limited by his size (1m86) on certain movements. This nevertheless allows him to adopt a more attacking style, making him a real threat on long shots. Therefore, given its price, we would understand that some players position it in BU but in fact, Kaka remains a better MOC.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime

Recommended Style: Hunter or Eagle Eye (FUT Birthday only, Bonus Engine)

George Best, FUT Birthday

Typically used on the right by most players, we consider Best's true position to be in MOC. Indeed, whether he is in central attacking midfielder or on the right (on a 4-2-2-2 for example), his speed and agility will make the difference. However, his small size and lack of strength limits his impact in the area, which is why we find him more effective a little further back, in order to be able to dribble MDCs and thus create space. Better, with Eye of the lynx, the latter becomes a real threat on shots outside the surface. Note that the FUT Birthday version is very close to the Prime but that the 5-4 in stars still adds a little more interest to a more central position.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime > Mid > Base

Recommended Style: Lynx Eye

Best position: MOC, AD

Alessandro Del Piero, Trophy Titans

Useless in its Mid or Prime versions, Del Piero becomes one of the best Icon cards in FIFA 23 with this Trophy Titans. It must be said that the boost in stats is just massive with in particular +6 in speed and 14 in balance. Better, now 5-5, the Italian player is almost ideally formatted to evolve with the Motor style. From then on, he is Meta in a pure MOC role, with the ability to finish an action via a ranged shot (he has the finesse shot trait) but will not be powerful enough to evolve in BU.

Recommended Style: Engine

David Beckham, TOTY

We hesitated for a long time to place Beckham TOTY as a rising MC since he was quite effective in this role during our tests. However, it is considered that not everyone will really benefit from the English player in such a role. Conversely in MOC, his super passes, his finesse shots and his offensive AI will do wonders in the majority of devices. So, in terms of versatility, Beckham is undoubtedly one of the best icon cards in FIFA 23.

Versions : TOTY > Prime

Recommended Style: Hunter in pure MOC, Shadow for MC who goes up

Rivaldo, FUT Birthday

Although aligned in AG on his card, Rivaldo FUT Birthday is clearly a die-hard MOC. It must be said that given its size (1m86) and its average/low performance, an alignment on the wings does not make too much sense. Conversely, it is quite possible to play him in BU in order to take advantage of his 4-5 in stars and his physique. Overall, he is mainly criticized for a certain rigidity (related to his physique and his lack of balance) which somewhat reduces his interest at high level. Thus, we are on a versatile card but which will not be ultra Meta for all that because of its physique. Note that all other versions are limited by its 2 weak foot stars.

Versions : FUT Birthday

Recommended Style: Hunter or Engine

Best Position: MOC

Robert Pires, TOTY

It was difficult for us to place Robert Pires in this list of the best FIFA 23 Icon cards. Indeed, the French player is playable, in this TOTY version, in MOC as on the wings. However, after a lot of tests, we preferred it in a slightly more central position, in MOC on the right in a 4-2-2-2 for example. It must be said that his 5-4 star rating is really interesting, especially since his stats are quite complete. Also, his large size and in-game physicality, in our opinion, necessitates the use of the Engine style rather than Hunter. With this boost to passing and dribbling, Pires becomes a very flexible card and able to find his teammates in the box.

Versions : TOTY

Recommended Style: Motor or Hunter or even Lynx Eye

Dennis Bergkamp, Trophy Titans

Accustomed to fairly average or even mediocre cards on FIFA, Dennis Bergkamp is finally emerging from the shadows with this Trophy Titans. Now 4-5 in stars and with a little more stats, we thought of placing him in BU but the latter was ultimately more effective in a finishing MOC role. The genius Dutchman is still physically limited, but with the Motor style, his fluidity is now correct, if irregular. From then on, with Engine, the former Gunner will stand out as a complete MOC, capable of scoring or distributing the ball. Note however that the version obtained in objectives is well below the 94, especially in terms of agility.

Versions : Trophy Titans 94 > 93

Recommended Style: Engine or Artist or even Catalyst

Roberto Baggio, Prime

We are not going to hide it, Baggio is generally limited on FIFA. However, this Prime version is relatively solid in pure MOC creator with Engine style. You won't have a good shooting finish (lack of power) but his passes are really amazing. Note that we have often seen the Italian in BU or in MOC very aggressive against us but never with great success. The format of the map stats really hints that Baggio is a ball-dealing MOC.

Versions : Prime

Recommended Style: Engine

Honorable Mentions: Gheorghe Hagi Prime/WC, Pavel Nedved Prime, Gianfranco Zola Prime, Rui Costa FUT Birthday.

FIFA 23 Icon's Best Forwards and Goalscorers

Among our list of the best Icon cards in FIFA 23, it was impossible not to list attackers. Here, we will mention the players whose main role is BU / AT but also AG / AD.

Ronaldo, Trophy Titans

What to say about Ronaldo? For us, the ultimate player is probably this R9 of the first years, of PSV or Barça, with his speed, his explosiveness in shots and his feints in duels. However, Ronaldo's card was never this fluid and agile player (even with the balance boost of the Trophy Titans) but rather a semi-pivot not always easy to use. So yes, he is 5-5 with a unique physique that makes him extremely hard to stop in 1v1. In addition, his shots are extremely regular, in terms of finesse and strength. However, we consider that its price is largely over-rated for a card that will not be effective in all hands. As a choice, we prefer a player like Pelé because he corresponds more to our style of play but it would have been criminal not to put R9 at the very top of this ranking because the card has the potential to dominate in the right hands (we seen in the Pros). Note however, its Base card is to be avoided (given its price), it has nothing to do with the Mid or the WC and it is also a real crime on the part of EA.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime > WC > Mid

Recommended Style: Engine

Ferenc Puskas, FUT Birthday

Automatique. That's it, go to the next card… No, of course, we're going to explain to you why we love Puskas so much. If he doesn't bring anything link level, the legendary BU is really incredible in terms of finish. It's even more true with this FUT Birthday which now gives it a 4-5 in stars. From then on, left/right, no difference, the regularity and efficiency of Puskas is legendary. With a fairly strong physique in play, one would have thought that Puskas was going to be a little rigid. In fact, not at all, since the formatting of his stats allows him to use the Engine style without losing anything in terms of speed or shooting. Thus, it becomes very flexible to use while having a little more physics for duels. A real complete and effective BU, in mix between Pivot and flexible player. Note that it would surely be 30-40% more expensive if it had a large nation for the links.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime > Mid > Base

Recommended Style: Engine

Johan Cruyff, Prime

If any card should represent danger at any time, it's Johan Cruyff. The legendary Dutch player is probably the most difficult card to defend against an opponent who can shoot. Special mention to my opponent last night, who conceded 4 goals on 4 shots from distance in less than 20 minutes of play with the World Cup version. Worse, it is even effective in the hands of a less experienced player as its shooting animations are special. In addition, we add to this a 5-5 star rating and very good stats, which makes it one of the best Icon cards in FIFA 23. However, be careful, its lack of balance could destabilize some people, especially since his firepower requires improved style this part. This is the main problem of the card: having to make a choice on the style.

Versions : Prime > WC > Mid > Base

Recommended Style: Eagle Eye, Hunter or Engine or even Basic

Pele, Prime

So we stop you right away, yes Ronaldinho TOTY is a better card but in fact, the vast majority of players will be more effective on King Pelé than on Roni. This is mainly due to a unique physical that makes it an extremely flexible and agile card on the ball. In addition, we place Pelé in BU but the latter is playable at all positions of the attack, so everything will depend on the cards you have. Proof of the quality of this card, several styles are playable with Eye of the lynx and Basic which remain our favorites for a BU role.

Versions : Prime = WC > Mid > Base

Recommended Style: Shadow or Pillar or even Basic

Ronaldinho, TOTY

Update : After having replayed with Ronaldinho TOTY, we have changed our opinion which is now more positive.

Although his in-game physique is a little rigid, Ronaldinho TOTY has enough agility to compensate for this physique a bit. Thus, with Eye of the Lynx, expect to have a player who is a bit rigid but very powerful in a duel. This sometimes annoying combo, however, is exceptional in the hands of a player capable of using the most effective technical gestures. Like a Neymar, Roni is therefore a fairly specific card but which will be, for those who know how to draw its full potential, an incredible BU. However, given its price, we consider that it is not a profitable Icon card but the nostalgia around the Brazilian genius has no limit.

Versions : TOTY > Prime > Mid

Recommended Style: Lynx Eye

Jarzinho, FUT Birthday

We're going to be frank, we would almost prefer the Mid version to the Prime. This cannot be explained, but know that if you have completed the DCE Icone Jarzinho Mid of the beginning of 2023, you clearly do not need his Prime. On the other hand, in the FUT Birthday version, the 5-5 in stars allows him to be absolutely automatic in front of goal. Indeed, the Brazilian player is one of the best Icon cards in FIFA 23 thanks to incredible stats (especially in terms of strength) for an attacker and a nation that allows important connections. On the other hand, the FUT Birthday version of Jarzinho lost his secondary position in BU, limiting his use a little bit.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime = Mid > Base

Recommended Style: Eagle Eye or Finisher or even Basic

Eusebio, FUT Birthday

What to say about Eusebio except that on FIFA, few BU are as complete as him. Speed, agility, power, efficiency in front of goal, the Portuguese player has all the arsenal to be a permanent danger. With a 5-5 star rating, Eusebio FUT Birthday is a go-anywhere option usable by all types of FIFA players. However, be careful because at this price level, we still regret the absence of Meta traits and a unique physics in play, even if sometimes we would think that it has unique animations. Note that its Mid version is clearly below all the others and that, even if Meta, we clearly do not recommend it given its price. Similarly, the FUT Birthday is three times more expensive

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime > WC > Base

Recommended Style: Lynx Eye

Eric Cantona, FUT Birthday

So Cantona is a long love story for us on FIFA 23 since we packed its Mid version very early in the cycle. Using the Canonnier style, the latter distinguished himself in Lengthy, with very good calls, power in duels and great efficiency in front of goal. However, the format of the stats of the FUT Birthday or Prime versions prevents such use, which prompted us to test alternatives. So we alternated between Engine, Finisher, Basic and Hunter. In the end, everything will depend on your playing habits, but whatever style you use, Cantona's excellent attacking AI and 5-5 star rating will make the difference. Note that the difference between the Prime and the FUT Birthday is very limited, concretely only the stars change and we have never had any problems with the 5-4 of the Prime version.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime > Mid

Recommended style: Motor, Finisher or Hunter or even Basic (Cannoneer in Mid)

Kenny Dalglish, Trophy Titans

Like every year, Dalglish is the prototype of the BU on FUT. Relatively agile, quick, efficient in front of goal and now with a 5-5 star rating, the Scottish player is really ideal in the area. Better, King Kenny stands out via the outer line of the foot while his high / medium performance and his offensive AI make him a BU always well placed. Therefore, the only limits reside in a rather average in-game physique (which somewhat limits its agility) and above all a nation that brings no interest in terms of links.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime > Base = Mid

Recommended Style: Lynx Eye

Samuel Eto'o, Prime

Unlike a lot of Icon cards (especially the most expensive) Eto'o is clearly a very accessible option for the majority of players. The attack benefits from an ideal physique in play, the exterior traits of the foot and shooting finesse as well as good stats to be one of the best attacking Icon cards in FIFA 23. If its handling is easy, this is also explained by a very solid attacking AI, which generally places him very well in the box or on his calls. Note that we prefer him in a two-BU device, with a slightly more physical attacker at his side.

Versions : Prime > WC > Mid = Base

Recommended Style: Lynx Eye

Alan Shearer, FUT Birthday

Shearer FUT Birthday is proof that a card could easily be Meta with a good upgrade. Indeed, despite an average physique, the top scorer in the history of the Premier League is a good option in Lengthy mode. In this style of sprinting, Shearer remains a little rigid due to his lack of agility and balance but his offensive AI compensates. In addition, in the box, he is an insolent success thanks in particular to his traits (outside of the foot, fine shot and powerful head) and his 4-5 in stars. In the end, Shearer FUT Birthday is a somewhat niche card but which takes full advantage of this Lengthy aspect to shine on FIFA 23.

Versions : FUT Birthday

Recommended Style: Cannoneer or Eagle Eye

Wayne Rooney, FUT Birthday

Generally a bit heavy due to a strong physique despite a small size, Wayne Rooney turns into a real BU Meta with this FUT Birthday version. The England striker has a 5-4 all-star, the outside line of the foot and a perfect formatting of his stats to use the Engine style. This style also allows it to evolve into MOC, where its high/high output could be useful in a 4-2-2-2 style setup. However, be careful because despite a relatively large prize, we consider Rooney FUT Birthday far from the top of this ranking.

Versions : FUT Birthday > Prime

Recommended Style: Engine

Fernando Torres, Trophy Titans

What a monster! Although semi-pivotal players like Torres are moderately appreciated, his Prime version still proved to be effective. Here, with a solid boost in stats and a star gain (4-5), Torres Trophy Titans really becomes a good option in BU. Note that when playing with it, we preferred not to place Engine on it but rather Eye of the lynx. Indeed, given its size and its lack of firepower, Engine is less interesting than a gain in shooting and physics. You just have to get used to the lack of fluidity of such a card which compensates for the absence of Lengthy with a very good offensive AI.

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime

Recommended Style: Lynx Eye

Raul, Trophy Titans

Decidedly, EA likes the Spanish Goalscorers since Raul succeeds Torres in the Trophy Titans teams. Unlike Torres who is a rather pivotal BU, Raul is a much more flexible and agile option. Indeed, with an ideal physique in play, good dribbling stats and the best attacking traits, the former Real Madrid player is truly an excellent goalscorer. Also, the 4-5 in stars makes him a real threat in the box. However, two small shadows on the program: his size, since at 1m the ideal physique in play somewhat limits his agility and especially his style of running which will not be explosive (next-gen).

Versions : Trophy Titans > Prime

Recommended Style: Hunter

Gerd Müller, TOTY

Honestly, we had a little trouble with Müller at the start. His beefy physique (a bit resembling Fekir or Puskas) and his lack of agility make him not so easy to handle. To the point that initially, we thought we'd prefer a lot of other cards. However, his success in the area is insolent, to the point that one gets into the game of shooting in any situation as long as one is close to the goal. This efficiency in the box is the real strength of the German player, who also benefits from his rare physique to become relatively powerful in a duel. In the end, we compare Müller to a Voller WC or a Puskas Prime, two excellent BU Meta.

Versions : TOTY > Prime

Recommended Style: Engine

Mané Garrincha, Prime

Of all the players on the wings, Garrincha is truly the one found to be perfectly suited for the role. Indeed, while we place Best in MOC and Jarzinho rather in BU, Garrincha is really made to play on the overflow wing. Fast, agile and explosive, the Brazilian player lacks the physicality to play in a central position. Better, his offensive AI naturally pushes him to overflow on the wing. Both of these are good things since the formatting of this card is ideal for an AD role that overflows and crosses, or runs back into the box after knitting close to goal. Note that this is one of the rare Icon cards where all the versions are very, very close in play.

Versions : Prime = WC > Mid > Base

Recommended Style: Engine

Thierry Henry, Prime

Like his former team-mate Dennis Bergkamp, ​​we really hurt our football seeing Thierry Henry's cards. The Premier League's incredible BU is relatively difficult to pick up on FUT due to a lack of balance combined with a great physique. However, this Prime version is already much more playable and if you are lucky enough to be efficient with this type of physique, Henry turns into a real threat. It must be said that in addition to very good stats (almost max speed and shots with Lynx Eye), the former Gunner has a very good offensive AI (which pushes him a little to the left) allowing very good calls in the back of the defense. In addition, the finesse shooting trait helps a lot on his finish, even in the box. In the end, Henry needs a particular device (two BU) and a somewhat specific style of play to really shine, which explains why we place him in the soft underbelly of this ranking.

Versions : Prime

Recommended Style: Lynx Eye

Luis Figo, World Cup

With an average physique in play and a lack of balance, Figo is not the most flexible Icon in the game. However, the contribution of a fifth star in Skill Moves can slightly compensate for this weakness. Thus, the former Ballon d'Or becomes a solid option on the wings but also in MOC or even BU. Overall, we prefer it on the wing where it is even possible to apply the Motor style to it for more efficiency when passing and dribbling. Nevertheless, we are here on a somewhat expensive card where the links seem to take precedence over the efficiency at stake.

Versions : WC > Prime

Recommended Style: Eagle Eye or Motor

Best position: AD

Hugo Sanchez, TOTY

So beware, because if we had never really appreciated Sanchez's cards, this TOTY version changes everything. The Mexican is particularly complete in this version, with almost full stats in speed and shooting. Also, while not having the best physical in-game, the latter makes him quite powerful in duels. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see a Sanchez with Lynx Eye, resisting several tackles per game. Also, his special free kick trait and his stats make him a very good set piece shooter, a plus if you don't have a designated shooter. In the end, the main limit of the card lies in its nation, which will not really bring interest in the links.

Versions : TOTY > Prime

Recommended Style: Lynx Eye

Honorable mentions : Didier Drogba WC/Prime, Michael Owen Trophy Titans, Emilio Butragueno Prime, Marco Van Basten Trophy Titans, Hristo Stoichkov Prime, John Barnes FUT Birthday, Robin Van Persie Prime, Patrick Kluivert FUT Birthday, Miroslav Klose Trophy Titans, Ian Rush FUT Birthday, Socrates Prime, Davor Suker Prime, Andriy Shevchenko Prime/WC.

So much for our list of the best Meta icon cards for FIFA 23 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the DCE solutions as well as advice for investing, our opinion on the players but also to follow the news and game TOTWs.

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