FF7 Remake soon to be released on PC?

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While FF7 Remake is coming soon, a video posted by Square Enix seems to hint at a future PC release. Indeed, the studio has unveiled a new video of Final Fantasy 7 Remake whose images are from a PC version of the RPG.

FF7 Remake soon to be released on PC?

While it is not uncommon for advertising images of a game to come from a demo version on PC (source in English), generally this version is a platform developed for a future port of the game.

Thus, without formalizing the future release of Final Fantasy VII on PC, Square Enix suggests that a port is possible. Especially since it would not be the first time that the studio has offered a PC version of its games since it has become the norm for a few years.

Indeed, the last Tomb Raider and Just Cause have been published on PC, the new Avengers game will also be present on PC while old Final Fantasy have been published on other consoles than PlayStation as well as on PC (including FF XV).

An exclusive version on PS4… For one year!

If some will mention exclusivity on PS4, FF7 Remake is only exclusive on Sony's console for one year. The studio does not bother to remind it regularly in its videos, leaving a little more doubt.

So, could we see a release of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC from 2021? With a release in several parts of the game, a one-year porting would allow Square Enix to communicate regularly on FF7 and thus maintain the enthusiasm around its game.

Could FF 7 Remake have a PC release soon? If nothing is confirmed, it seems more than likely that Square Enix will carry out a port in the future… You will find more tips and guides on Final Fantasy 7 Remake on our portal dedicated to the game.

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