Best FUT Meta Team No Credits Limit on FIFA 23

Best FUT Meta Team No Credits Limit on FIFA 23

Find here our formation for the best possible Meta team without limit of credits on the FIFA 23 FUT mode. The idea is to offer you a formation made up only of the best players in the game, in a logical and credible eleven. We will therefore only select Meta cards, the strongest according to the current patch and the most effective way to play to win.

Note that this training will be updated according to the patches and also the arrival of new cards. It is an ultimate training in the sense that we are not limited in credits.

Update : This team is current as of Sunday, October 23. We will continue to update this article in the weeks and months to come.

Important : If you need help with your training, you can always put a comment with your questions, your needs and your request for advice. We will take the time to analyze your team to suggest several areas for improvement.

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The best Meta team in the Bundesliga on FIFA 23

Note that the formation used here is only used to evoke more or less the role of each card in your team. Use your usual in-game tactics. This team is created via Futbin's team builder.

Our ultimate FIFA 23 training example.

In terms of styles:

  • Hunter: Neymar Jr, Ginola (or Motor)
  • Gunner: Mbappé
  • Pillar: Valverde (or Architect)
  • Architect: Mendy (or Pillar), De Bruyne (or Chasseur)
  • Ombre : Cancelo, Rudiger, Ramos, Toure
  • Basic: Courteous

Possible replacements:

Our team here is played with Ginola or Neymar in BU with Mbappé, KDB in MOC (thus with Neymar or Ginola) or in MC which goes up (on a 4-1-2-1-2 (2) for example) while in MDC, the duo Valverde and Touré will hold the barracks. Note that to obtain 33/33 collective, a Portuguese trainer is necessary.

In attack, the first point to note and that we do not use Lengthy players. This is explained by the fact that at this level of maps, we prefer complete maps since depths will not necessarily work. Instead of the two French players, we could use Ronaldo Rulebreakers, Di Natale FUT Heroes, Haaland OTW, Ribery Rulebreakers (more like an MOC), Aubameyang RTTK, Son TOTW, Voller FUT Heroes or even Forland FUT Heroes.

For the position of MOC (or players on the wings depending on your background), Messi RTTK, Salah TOTW, Zaha Rulebreakers, Okocha FUT Heroes, Foden RTTK, Pelé FUT Heroes, Mané OTW, Nakata FUT Heroes or Havertz Rulebreakers.

The choices in MC / MDC are numerous, with in particular Marchisio FUT Heroes, Kessié OTW or even Sissoko Rulebreakers in a defensive role. In box-to-box, Thiago Rulebreakers, Barella TOTW, Renato OTW, Lemar RTTK, Goretzka but also Modric TOTW are all excellent choices.

In defense, the post of DG returns to Mendy because few options are really interesting. Note Davies, Cancelo TOTW (right here), Théo Hernandez or Telles Flashback who are also playable. On the right, Walker (probably a better choice than Cancelo TOTW), Aaron Wan-Bissaka RTTK, Dodo Rulebreakers, Hakimi or even Jesus Navas Rulebreakers are all excellent choices.

At the DC position there are many options with in particular Lucio FUT Heroes, Marquinhos TOTW, Piqué Rulebreakers, VVD, Konaté RTTK, Tomori TOTW, Cordoba FUT Heroes, Militao Silva Flashback or even Koundé. Note that we had opted for Ramos RB and Rudiger OTW mainly for reasons of links.

As a goalkeeper, Alisson, Ederson, Donnarumma TOTW, De Gea, Maignan or even Trapp TOTW will be able to do the job, this position being more a question of taste and links.

How to build good links?

For once, the advantage of this formation lies in the concentration of ultra Meta cards in a few big clubs. In addition, the major nations (Brazil, France, Portugal and Germany) can also help to approach 33/33 for the collective.

Remember that hyperlinks (same club and nation) help a lot when you are in hybrid formations. Additionally, FUT Heroes will always have 3/3 Chemistry as long as their position is respected.

So much for our best team Meta without credit limit for FIFA 23 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

Best FUT Meta Team No Credits Limit on FIFA 23
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Best FUT Meta Team No Credits Limit on FIFA 23
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Best FUT Meta Team No Credits Limit on FIFA 23
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