FIFA 22, TOTY Honorable Mentions, Date and Player List

FIFA 22, TOTY Honorable Mentions, Date and Player List

Discover the continuation of the major event of the FUT season with the honorable mentions Team Of The Year (The Team of the year in French) of which we already know the release date and the list of players on FIFA 22. Again it's a great classic on FUT, since it follows the TOTY special week. The idea is to reward players who have had a great season or marked the year but who have not had the chance to obtain a TOTY card. Thus, the Honorable Mentions cards are good boosts but less important than the Team Of The Year.

Update : Updated from Friday January 28 at 19 p.m. Leak of the entire Honorable Mentions team

List of Honorable Mention cards

🔥 Team of the Year continues! Here are the Honorable Mentions, available in #FUT 👌! #TOTY #FIFA22

— EA FIFA France (@EA_FIFA_France) January 28, 2022

Find our leaks below to discover the Honorable Mentions TOTY team before its official release.

Honorable mentions in a few points:

  • An event that will start on January 28
  • A full team + a mini-release during the weekend
  • The presence of the TOTY team throughout the week in addition to the Honorable Mentions cards
  • Specific DCEs

TOTY Card Leaks Honorable Mentions

We will present here various credible leaks as well as predictions on the list of players for the TOTY Honorable Mentions event. The objective is to highlight cards in order to be able to invest in the market but also to plan in advance when to open your packs if you plan to accumulate them in anticipation of an event.

Honorable Mentions Leaks

Please note, this list is a leak, not a prediction.

Leaked Honorable Mentions Cards:

  • Kjaer, AC Milan (DCE Moments Player)
  • Shaw, Manchester United (via objectif)
  • Lautaro, Inter Milan (DCE)
  • Wrong, Liverpool
  • Rudiger, Chelsea
  • Haaland, Dortmund
  • Goretzka, Bayern Munich
  • Benzema, Real Madrid
  • Bruno, Manchester United
  • Mendy, Chelsea
  • Walker, Manchester City
  • Bonucci, Juventus
  • J. David, Lille
  • Kounde, Seville
  • Foot, Manchester City
  • Praise, Real Madrid
  • Badge, Naples
  • Church, Juventus
FIFA 22, TOTY Honorable Mentions, Date and Player List

The cards normally their final stats, a visual made by Lean Design.

TOTY Event Date Honorable Mentions

Normally this promo event should last one week during which the TOTY Honorable Mentions cards are available in the packs. These will be available from Friday January 28 to February 4 at 19 p.m.

That's it for the details on the start date and player list for the TOTY Honorable Mentions event for FIFA 22 FUT mode. You can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on

FIFA 22, TOTY Honorable Mentions, Date and Player List
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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