What to do with FIFA Points when FIFA 23 launches

What to do with FIFA Points when FIFA 23 launches

You have the ultimate version and therefore FIFA Points but you wonder what to do with your FP when FIFA 23 launches? We explain your options to you in order to make the best decision and thus get started correctly on this new season of FUT. Note that you can find our complete guide to the start of the FUT season on FIFA 23 for a more global vision.

What to do with FIFA Points on FIFA 23?

We are talking here about those FP obtained through the Ultimate edition of FIFA 23, although it could also concern points purchased at the start of the season. Concretely, your options are as follows:

  • Buy FP packs from day one with the FUT Web App
  • Buy packs on Friday September 30 with the arrival of Team 1 One To Watch
  • Buy Draft Tokens when the game is released (starting September 26 for EA Play Pro)

These three options seem viable, but for all that, we consider that only two choices are really to be recommended: buying packs as soon as possible via the app and Draft Tokens.

Buy Packs with your FP at FUT Launch

The idea is therefore to buy 7.5k packs as soon as the FUT mode launches via the FIFA 23 FUT app. With these packs, you will get a lot of Gold cards as well as consumables and stadium content (outfits, celebrations , icons). This content will allow you to have coins to then start trading.

The instructions :

  • Buy the packs the same evening
  • Keep the ultra ultra Meta cards (Vinicius Jr, Mbappé, Salah…)
  • Keep the most used styles (Shadow, Hunter, Eagle Eye, Anchor, Motor)
  • Momentarily keep the Gold cards, rare or not, to do the DCEs
  • If your advanced DCEs are finished or almost finished, sell the Gold cards, pay attention to the price of cards that are useful for DCEs
  • Quickly sell (quick sell) cosmetic content with no real value
  • Quick sell on player contracts and unattractive styles
  • Sell ​​position changes on the market (a unique item on FIFA 23)

Why follow this solution? By buying lots of packs on the first evening, you will be able to free up a lot of credits on the rapid sale of useless content but also complete the advanced DCEs.

After the DCEs are completed, sell all non-Ultra Meta cards. Even cards useful for a starter team could quickly lose value. For example, Pepe was excellent in DC last year for the launch of FIFA 22. However, his price dropped even before the official release of the game because there was so much supply on the transfer market. Pepe was worth 8500 on the console market after less than 24 hours of leaving the app, dropping immediately the next day, before crashing to less than 1500 the following week.

Since then, don't get attached to your Starter Team cards (Meta but less than 83 overall rating) unless they are quite special. Although they might fluctuate quite a bit in the early days, their price should really crash even before the official release on Friday, September 30.

You can follow our various FUT trading guides on our FIFA 23 portal.

Buy Draft Tokens with your FIFA Points

The other recommended option is to wait for the game to be released early (starting Monday, September 26 via EA Play Pro) and buy Draft Tokens with your FPs. If this limits your trading potential for a few days (from app release date to early release), purchasing Token Draft will allow you toget many more packs. Note that buying Draft Tokens with your FPs allows you to choose to play Draft online or offline.

Online Token Draft:

  • Allows you to win many more packs and therefore cards than buying packs
  • Allows you to get much larger packs than 7.5k packs and therefore a better chance of having big cards
  • You don't need to have a good team to play, since everything is in draft, so you can totally sell your players until you finish all your drafts, then allowing you to buy your Starter Team when the prices are A little lower
  • You can test lots of cards and thus have a better idea on which team to build

But this requiresbe pretty good at the game, because to make the purchase of Draft Tokens profitable, you would have to win on average more than 50% of your matches. An alternative is then to play offline.

Token Draft offline (against AI):

  • Allows you to earn more than with the packs for purchase at 7.5k
  • Less profitable than online but you ensure 4 wins each time
  • Allows again to test the cards, even if the AI ​​plays differently than a player
  • Risk of saturating a little playing against the CPU, since Team Battles are also profitable at the start of the game

Morality, in both cases, the Draft is more profitable than buying your packs at 7.5k but it takes longer, there is the risk of losing (especially against players) and you can only do it at from the moment the game is really accessible. You are therefore wasting time compared to a player who will try to trade as soon as the app is launched. But the return on investment could be greater in the medium term, especially with experience in play.

Wait for the release of the first event to spend your FP

So, let's be honest, playing mostly on the PC version last year, our FIFA Points weren't available from day one. Thus, the last wave of points appeared in November. The result ? The opening of packs was very inefficient, with a lot of Starter Teams cards totally fodder at this time (from a Saint-Max at 25k the first days, to 1.2k when opening the last packs ) while the chances of having a special card are much more limited.

So even though OTWs are interesting and quite valuable, the chances of getting something really good are limited. Conversely, you guarantee a market that will have fallen quite a bit on much more accessible cards. In addition, other players will have been able to trade for almost 10 days with the cards obtained in their packs from day one.

This solution of waiting until Friday September 30 at 19 p.m. to use your FIFA Points does not seem to us really not interesting and profitable. Even if it means waiting so long, you might as well buy Draft Tokens and multiply by 2 or 3 the value of the packs obtained with your FPs.

Do you have to buy FIFA Points to be good at FIFA 23 FUT mode?

For once, we consider that players are free to use their money as they want on a video game. In our case, we managed to get excellent teams and finish well in Rivals (Elite) and FUT Champions (16+ wins) without spending a single euro on both FIFA 21 and FIFA 22, but this requires farming the game and to be able to trade regularly.

However, if you plan to play for the majority of the season, spending a hundred dollars early in the game is generally profitable, because it allows you to obtain a lot of cards to sell and thus start trading. On the other hand, if you buy packs hoping to have players like Mbappé, Messi or Ronaldo, quickly forget that because the chances will be extremely slim.

So much for our detailed answer to the question of how to use FIFA Points in the FUT mode of FIFA 23. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the DCE solutions as well as investment advice, our opinion on the players but also follow the news and the TOTW of the game.

What to do with FIFA Points when FIFA 23 launches
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What to do with FIFA Points when FIFA 23 launches
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What to do with FIFA Points when FIFA 23 launches
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