FIFA 22 Best Bundesliga Meta Team on FUT

FIFA 22 Best Bundesliga Meta Team on FUT

Discover here our formation for the best Meta team of the Bundesliga for the FUT mode of FIFA 22. Here, the idea is to give you one or more examples for a formation made up only of players from the French championship in order to evolve at the highest level, or at least close to the elite division. As a reminder, the Meta concerns the strongest cards according to the current patch and the most effective way to play to win.

Note that this training will be updated according to the patches and also the arrival of new cards. It is an ultimate training in the sense that we are not limited in credits. However, we will not use Icon cards and if possible no cards from DCE.

Update : This team is current as of Tuesday, April 26. We will continue to update this article in the weeks and months to come.

Important : If you need help with your training, you can always put a comment with your questions, your needs and your request for advice. We will take the time to analyze your team to suggest several areas for improvement.

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The best Meta team in the Bundesliga

Note that the formation used here is only used to evoke more or less the role of each card in your team. Use your usual in-game tactics. This team is created via Futbin's team builder.

Our ultimate training example for the Bundesliga.

Possible replacements:

Important: We didn't use cards from DCEs and objectives since these are impossible to get. Several options are possible to replace our players, we will discuss them below.

In front, we have several options depending on your style of play and your budget. If we had previously opted for Coman WW in order to have two attackers who complement each other (one fast and mobile while the second is more pivotal), Gomez's Captains FUT Heroes card is difficult to ignore. In addition, it is possible to use Donyell Malen Fantasy FUT (DCE), Haaland TOTY MH, Gnabry Vedettes or even Leweling Futures Stars in peak. However, it is the weakness of the German league, with in particular several good players devoid of a large number of stars of weak foot (Haaland, Sané or Nkunku).

Conversely, the midfield is very well endowed with very many options. Thus, we almost find ourselves wondering if a card like Wirtz Futures Stars could be used in BU as there are so many good midfielders compared to scorers. With this in mind, several cards are playable in MOC including Nkunku POTM, Haraguchi Showdown (DCE), Haaland Rulebreakers, Dani Olmo TOTY MH (DCE), Reus RTTK, Brandt Vedettes (DCE) or Thomas Müller Flashback (DCE). We even consider that Bellingham or Goretzka TOTY MH could be used in MOC although they are much stronger in MC. Speaking of midfield, options are plentiful with Kimmich Vedettes (potentially a better choice than Goretzka if playing with only one MDC), Serdar Showdown (DCE), Daniel Caligiuri Fantasy FUT (DCE) Sow WW (DCE), Adams Future Stars or Zakaria TOTW/Rulebreakers. Note that many versions are available for these different cards, sometimes allowing you to save a little in your team building.

Note that as far as midfielders are concerned, besides Bellingham, the two best players in the Bundesliga are Caligiuri Fantasy FUT and Nkunku POTM 91, two cards obtained via DCE. Both players can be used everywhere, in MC, MDC, even MOC.

Defensively speaking, the Bundesliga is very weak on the wings but extremely dense in centre-backs. So, Hincapié Fantasy FUT, Hernandez RTTF, Boyata FUT Captains, Klosterman Rulebreakers, Evan Ndicka FS, Süle Showdown (DCE), Upamecano OTW, Niakhate WW, Collins WW are all Meta and great DCs. The German league even has the luxury of having playable TOTW cards (St Juste, Akanji, Gvardiol…). Thus, on the DC aspect, it is impossible to miss a Meta hinge, because even the best cards will be cheap (except Klostermann, Hernandez and Lacroix). Conversely, the situation is much more complicated on the wings: on the left, Davies POTM is the best option but comes from a DCE while his Rulebreakers is more of an MC. In addition, there are Günther FUT Captain, Guerreiro FUT Birthday, Schulz Versus and Günther WW (Objectives) which are also viable but limited. On the right, apart from Trimmel who is not incredible either, we have Mbabu Versus, Pavard Show (DCE), Stefan Lainer FUT Birthday (DCE), Frimpong Futures Stars (Objectives) and Mukiele RTTK as an alternative… In short, nothing very sexy when compared to the central position.

On the other hand, at the goalkeeper level, the choice is very very wide with several special versions of Neuer, Trapp, Casteels or even Sommer.

In terms of styles:

  • Hunter: Wirtz (in BU) otherwise Eye of Lynx
  • Engine : Gomez, Reus, Lewandowski
  • Ombre : Goretzka, Bellingham
  • Ancre: Lacroix, Klostermann, Trimmel, Roussillon (before upgrade)
  • Sentinel: Roussillon (once its map boost to 87)
  • Basic or Glove: Neuer

Strengths and weaknesses of the Bundesliga Meta level

For once, the strengths of the German championship are quite clear on FIFA 22. First of all, the midfield is very well endowed with many special cards. Thus, the league has almost a dozen viable options, in MC, MDC and MOC. In addition, the DC position is probably the most complete of the major leagues, with so many DCs that ultra Meta options are cheap… Finally, one of the strengths of the Bundesliga is the very affordable cost of its Meta cards since an ultimate formation costs half as much as in Ligue 1 or in the Premier League (despite the presence of a TOTY and Bellingham and Lacroix).

However, the league is limited on several points. First of all, the BU position is particularly reduced with only 2-3 high level options. However, even these are subject to debate with in particular the heavy side of Lewandowski (for some) or the lack of weak foot on Haaland. In the same vein, the positions of side defenders are very poorly endowed with concretely less than 3 Meta cards on each side (compared to around ten for Ligue 1 or the BPL). From then on, we are almost led to play in 4-5-1 with the central part of the Bundesliga and the wings coming from Ligue 1 or England. Finally, the FUT Hero cards are all very bad, limiting their interest…

However, an ultimate training will not need specific DCE and its budget will be relatively limited. So, like Serie A, we think the Bundesliga is one of the best leagues for a player new to FIFA 22 or returning to play after a long break.

How to build good links?

As mentioned above, you will potentially be forced to leave the Bundesliga to play as much Meta as possible. Here, the advantage of the Bundesliga lies in the concentration of its talents in big clubs, in particular Bayern Munich. In addition, the league has many French players, which allows links with various championships. So even without playable FUT Heroes cards, the league will be able to shuffle relatively easily.

So much for our best Bundesliga Meta team on FIFA 22 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 22 Best Bundesliga Meta Team on FUT
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